Michelle Ntalami

Makena Njeri
Makena Njeri calls out African parents for resisting LGBTQ community

By | 3 months ago

Bold Network Africa Founder Makena Njeri has strongly hit out at parents who are against the LGBTQ community. In a Q & A session on her Instagram ...

Former BBC Journalist Makena Njeri PHOTO/courtesy.
Makena Njeri reveals why she stopped going to church after coming out as gay

By | 5 months ago

Former media personality and the CEO of the Bold Network Africa Makena Njeri has revealed that she stopped going to church after she disclosed that sh...

Michelle Ntalami
Ashahlurv! Mitchelle Ntalami teases new catch

By | 7 months ago

Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami has set her eyes on another lady and we must admit that she is giving off her ex-girlfriend Makena Njeri. It seem...

Michelle Ntalami
Michelle Ntalami: I’m now open to dating men

By | 8 months ago

Businesswoman Michelle Ntalami has opened up about her love life ever since she broke up with her long term lover and TV personality Makena Njeri. In ...

Michelle Ntalami absolves Chiki from accusations that she was in a relationship with Makena Njeri

By | 11 months ago

Popular socialite Michelle Ntalami has absolved dancer and fitness trainer, Chiki Kuruka, from accussations that she was one of the women her ex-lover...

Bien’s wife distances herself from having romantic relationship with Makena Njeri

By | 11 months ago

Singer Bien Barasa’s wife Chiki Kuruka has come out to clear the air over rumours that she is one of the two women who have been in a romantic r...

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