Zuchu raises furore after flashing her bum to fans

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On Wed, 13 Sep, 2023 15:19 | 2 mins read
Zuchu performing at the Wasafi Festival. PHOTOS/Screengrab.

Sultry singer Zuchu set tongues wagging after a video of her controversial performance went viral on social media.

The 'Sukari' hitmaker over the past weekend thrilled fans with a rather raunchy performance in Lindi, Raungwa district as part of the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

Videos of Zuchu's performance only started trickling in a day ago, with the singer herself sharing some clips on her accounts.

Zuchu got on stage clad in a white micro mini skirt and she wasn't afraid to throw around some kicks with her action gaving revellers panoramic views of places only Diamond Platnumz is meant to see.

However, the most-talked-about scene in Zuchu's performance came when she was seen repeatedly tapping her groin before she bent over and flashed her behind to the audience in four quick seconds.

The Wasafi singer was performing her hit song 'Sukari' when she decided to be a 'bad girl'.


While Zuchu thrilled fans in Raungwa with a raunchy performance, her sweetheart Diamond Platnumz dropped a rather scary performance.

Diamond dropped a hell-themed performance in Raungwa at the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

The Wasafi boss sent social media into a frenzy after he got on stage while being carried in a coffin.

Several caskets were carried to the stage with men dressed in hooded religious-like regalia as if performing some sort of satanic ritual.

A photo of Diamond with demon-like red eyes was projected on the huge screen on the stage before the singer emerged from the coffin to perform.

Diamond's bizarre performance ignited a wave of conservative backlash, with many accusing him of devil worshipping.

Zuchu, Diamond's relationship

Before their performance in Raungwa, Diamond and Zuchu demonstrated their undying love for each other.

Wasafi presenter approached Diamond and Zuchu in their hotel room, amid the ongoing Wasafi Festival, and asked them hard questions.

Zuchu was asked about her body count and she revealed that she had only slept with one person in her life since Diamond was the one who broke her virginity.

The Bongo songstress answered the question about her body count as she passionately hugged Diamond and plastered several kisses all over his face and lips.

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