Kamene Goro addresses claims of wrecking DJ Bonez’s previous marriage

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On Wed, 26 Jul, 2023 11:39 | < 1 min read
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Kamene Goro with her husband DJ Bonez during a presser. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Media personality Kamene Goro has denied wrecking her husband's former marriage.

Speaking during a recent show on Kamene and Obinna's YouTube channel, Kamene revealed that DJ Bonez dumped his baby mama for his second girlfriend and not her

The media personality also opened up on how the rumours affected her on social media.

According to the former Kiss FM presenter, rumours about her wrecking DJ Bonez's marriage exposed her to online criticism.

Kamene revealed that at the time she would receive many private calls just to insult her while on air.

"Walikuwa wananipigia kwa station wananitukana," Kamene revealed.


"Unanaona simu inablow up unadhani show imeshika - Wapi...! Matusi zinakaa kitu ingine," Kamene went on.

Bonez denies baby mama

Having heard about the rumours, DJ Bonez for the first time, also opened up about his past relationships, explaining why Kamene did not ruin his alleged marriage.

According to DJ Bonez, before dating and settling down with Kamene Goro, he had dated another woman for two years.

The DJ went on to reveal his relationship with his baby mama was just another casual relationship, but never got to the point of marriage.

With this information, Bonez not only confirmed he has only married once in his life but brushed off rumours claiming he ditched his family for Kamene Goro.

The entertainer further claimed that a few of his baby mamas were out to ruin his relationship with Kamene Goro hence targeting her since she was famous.

However, having dealt with them before, DJ Bonez said his only solution was to maintain silence to avoid giving the critics more loopholes to target both him and his wife.