DJ Bonez reveals bad habit he dislikes about his wife Kamene Goro

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On Sun, 2 Jul, 2023 08:06 | 2 mins read
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Kamene Goro with her husband DJ Bonez during a presser. PHOTO/Screengrab.

DJ Bonez has revealed what he dislikes most about his wife Kamene Goro.

Speaking during a podcast session with Oga Obinna, Bonez stated that he dislikes the fact that his wife smokes.

Speaking on a recent podcast about women who smoke cigarettes, Obinna revealed he cannot date nor marry a smoker.

Explaining this, the former radio host mentioned he had met a new lady but unfortunately had to end things after realizing she smokes cigarettes.

"I met somebody. she is full spec, the type of shortie I like and everything nice. Later I realized she is a smoker," Obinna said.

Kamene Goro and husband DJ Bonez at a past event.PHOTO/Courtesy
Kamene Goro and husband DJ Bonnez..PHOTO/Courtesy

Asked why her being a smoker seemed to be a problem to him, Obinna then said women who smoke are not fit to be wives.

"Dem anasmoke sio wife material," Obinna said.

DJ Bonez on the other hand expressed he had a similar issue in his house.

According to DJ Bonez, he is adjusting to having a wife who smokes, adding that he has been fighting it.

"Obinna to be honest hii ni struggle na fight nayo. Ata mimi I didn't like women who smoke cigarettes. Smoke anything else, but sigara," DJ Bonez opened up.

Kamene defends habit

Kamene on the other hand defended women who smoke, saying everybody has their own bad habits they are battling on the low.

"Everyone has their bad habits, there are people who don't bite their nails, there are those who won't comb their hair... you know even I have my bad habits. The thing is, let's control those behaviours to be good citizens. If you are an alcoholic, you don't drink until you forget yourself. if you are a smoker and you are around people who don't like it, don't smoke around them," Kamene said.

Kamene went on to explain that having a woman use Marijuana, cigarettes or drink does not mean she cannot become a wife to somebody.

To her, this is what causes double standards making every other man judge a woman based on what society has taught them.