Campus relationships are a real struggle

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On Mon, 6 May, 2024 09:00 | 2 mins read
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Distressed couple. PHOTO/Pexels

The dating scene in campus is a killer joy, an eyesore that one beholds with disdain. Many of our relationships are built on superficial grounds and convenience rather than true love. The very relationship that once led to marriage has been reduced to nothing, but a pool of tolerance for one another. Comrades stay in a relationship just for the benefit they reap and the fear of nitaambia nini watu?.

They’ll pretend and pretend to be okay out there thanks to social media, but deep inside it’s a different story. Others are busy engaging in casual flings with any Tom, Dick and Harry, or Mary, Jane and Juliet they bump into, so long as the outer beauty is at the top of the checklist and meets their physical criteria.

It is even worse and overwhelming when the person you’re dating is on the same campus as you. Dating someone from your own campus is more of a struggle than true love with the constant scrutiny and gossip from peers. Most times I stumble upon a number of pairs on the campus highways. Whatever they always whisper to each other as they walk side by side holding hands in an envying manner I know not.

I’m just as eager as you to know their conversation by walking closer to them. ‘I love you babe; nikikuona nachizika; I love your charisma; I love your blah, blah, blah...’ All they care about is telling a bunch of hot air and sweet nothings to each other just to ensure the bond remains strong.

No one is ever ready for questions like kwani mlikosana?. People will be in your business and make you feel as if you are some immortal being. They will look motivated to be in love. Some will even give you ideas on how to make your love blossom, not until things go south and your sweet relationship turns sour. “Nilijua mtaachana tu! I just didn’t want to kill your vibe”, some will finally open up.

All in all, complications are always there in campus relationships. Sidechics pretending to be so genuine. Perfect cooking, washing the clothes daily, care a lot more than you do and always soft in making things right unlike the main chick. Temptations are no exception.

Forgive me for being judgmental and acting like a saint, I’m not, but hey, campus relationships are a waste of time. Save me some slack, it is just a struggle, if not a trap!

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