Kajala’s daughter Paula explains why she can’t respect her father

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On Thu, 1 Jun, 2023 18:12 | 2 mins read
Kajala's daughter Paula explains why she can't respect her father
P Funk Majani with his daughter Paula and ex-wife Kajala. Photo/Courtesy

Paula has a strained relationship with her father legendary Tanzanian music producer P Funk Majani.

Majani's fallout with his 20-year-old daughter became evident as he showed his disapproval of the reality series ‘Behind The Gram’ which follows the lives of Paula and his ex-wife Frida Kajala.

Speaking during a phone call interview with a local Tanzanian radio station, Majani complained that Kajala was negatively exposing their daughter to the whole world in the reality series.

Wanamuaibisha huyo binti. Kuseme ukweli Kajala jinsi anavyomuexpose hio ni tatizo na nishamwambianga sana mamake ila mamake unajua halichukuli vile ye anachukulia kama sifa she is proud of her daughter. (They are humiliating that girl. To say the truth the way she is being exposed is a big issue and I have been telling her mother Kajala but she doesn't take it seriously. She perceives it as fame and she is proud of her daughter)," Majani complained.

Majani further stressed that Paula was not a celebrity like her mother to warrant her life being exposed like that to everyone.

Kwa sababu sio msanii, sio mtu maarufu. Umaarufu unakuja kutokana na mamake lakini yeye anatakiwa awe mtu wa kawaida,” he added.

Majani additionally disowed his daughter noting that Paula nolonger uses his surname instead reffering to herself as 'Paula Kajala'.

"Mi nakutanga mtu sijui anajiita Paula Kajala sijui 'ohh I miss you daddy' si mtoto wangu sasa," Majani exclaimed.

In a quick rejoinder, Paula slammed her father while speaking in an episode of the reality series ‘Behind The Gram’.

The vicenarian explained that she does not respect her father Majani because he always talks negatively about her mother Kajala in the media.

Paula noted that she was not affected by her father's decision to disown her.

Namzungumzia baba. I didn’t feel anything kwa sababu yeye mwenyewe anakaanga anamtukana mama huko kwenye mamedia,” Paula said.

The 20-year-old further warned her father to keep off her life, saying that she was no longer a child whom he can control as he wishes.

“Actually you should let me live my life I am a big girl now,” Paula told her father Majani.

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