‘He paid my dowry but I couldn’t stand his cheating’ Diamond’s famous side chick Lynn opens up

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On Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 15:24 | 2 mins read
‘He paid my dowry but I couldn’t stand his cheating’ Diamond’s famous side chick Lynn opens up
Diamond Platnumz and Lynn. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Tanzanian socialite Irene Louis alias Official Lynn has opened up about her secretive relationship with Diamond Platnumz that nearly ended with them getting married.

Lynn opened up about dating Diamond while speaking during an interview on Wasafi FM. She revealed that she was not famous when she got into a relationship with the Bongo superstar around 2016.

"Tulikua kwa mahusiano kwa mwaka moja na nusu. Alinipenda na nilimpenda. Kipindi ambacho nilikuwa na Diamond nilikuwa sijulikani. Watu walikuja kujua baadae wakati tushakuwa hadi watu wamekuja nyumbani na kufanya kila kitu.

("We dated for one and a half years. I loved him and he loved me. I wasn't famous at the time, people didn't know. People came to know later when Diamond had already come to see my parents. His people came to meet my people),” Lynn said.

Despite Diamond taking important steps toward marriage and Lynn being ready to tie the knot with him, their relationship however did not stand the test of time.

Lynn revealed that she broke up with Diamond because of the singer’s infidelity.

"Alicheat. Ukinicheat safari yako imeishia hapo. Mimi ni mtu mkweli sana. (He cheated on me. I tell men the truth, if you cheat on me, I will leave you immediately),” Lynn said.

Lynn got pregnant for Diamond

Lynn previously revealed that she got pregnant for Diamond but lost the pregnancy in the third month.

“Nilikuwa tayari mjamzito lakini niliipoteza katika mwezi wa tatu. Sijui kwa nini nilipoteza mimba hiyo, labda ulikuwa ni mpango wa Mungu.

“I was already pregnant but I lost it in the third month. I don't know why I lost the pregnancy, maybe it was God's plan)" she said in a previous interview with Wasafi Media.

Lynn started dating Diamond in secret when the singer was still in a relationship with his Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan.

After news broke about their affair, Lynn publicly stated that Diamond was a Muslim and that he was allowed to marry up to four wives.

"Everyone knew Diamond was with Zari and it wasn't bad because he is a Muslim who can marry four wives,” she said in an interview with YouTuber Sam Misago.

Diamond allegedly cheated with Lynn again in 2019 when he was dating Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna.

Rumours ran rife that Diamond was with Lynn at his house when Tanasha was away in Kenya. This after the Bongo socialite shared photos of herself chilling in the singer’s mansion.

In a clear response to Lynn’s pictures, Tanasha wrote on social media; “Lesson of the day. Don’t believe everything you read or hear.”