‘Singewapost because people would judge me’ – Betty’s sister opens up on dating wababas

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On Thu, 15 Jun, 2023 21:22 | 2 mins read
'Singewapost because people would judge me' - Betty's sister opens up on dating wababas
Betty and Mercy Kyallo. Photo/Instagram (@mercykyallo)

Betty Kyallo's younger sister Mercy Kyallo confessed to dating elderly men before she ended up with her current boyfriend who is not from the stone age.

The conversation about dating aged men came when Massawe Japanni interviewed the Kyallo sisters - Betty, Mercy and Gloria.

"Gloria Have you dated an older man? Way way older?" Massawe asked.

Betty interjected saying "Aki gloria say no."

"No," Gloria said.

Gloria then reminisced about how Betty called one of Mercy Kyallo's elderly ex 'Babaa'.

"I remember that time you called Mercy's guy Babaa," Gloria said.

Betty's admitted that Mercy's man indeed looked like an ancestor.

"Unajua alikua anakaa Mubaba. And it was Babaa," Betty said while laughing.

"Mercy you have dated an older man before?" Massawe probed.

"I have," Mercy admitted.

"Huyu amedate kila mtu (she has dated everyone)," Betty added.

Mercy further opened up about her experience dating older men, regretting that she couldn't post them on social media despite having good memories with the wababas.

"A few years ago I would have my relationships very private and we would have amazing memories, beautiful pictures but I never got to post them, ni zangu tu ziko kwa iPhone zimekaa tu zinazeeka," Mercy said.

"Why?" Massawe asked.

Mercy noted that she was afraid of posting the wababas because of the stigma in society, adding that she was apprehensive about people judging her harshly.

"Because you know people would judge you, talk about you, you know. Watu watasema the bad eye, zitaisha tu," she said.

"Kwani you were dating wrong men ama?" Massawe inquired.

"You know sometimes the older guys is hard to post," Mercy clarified.

"Huwezi post older guys, huyu ako na…" Betty interjected.

Massawe additionally joked that Mercy's wrinkled-infested men couldn't be posted anywhere after all.

"Umesema mtu wa wrinkles haingi anywhere," Massawe said amid laughter.

Mercy said that she couldn't post the wababas she dated because some were married men with others even being in polygamous marriages.

"Anatafutwa huko na watu maybe second wife, third wife," Mercy said.

Mercy had previously admitted to sending men intimate photos of herself while arguing that there was nothing wrong with having a sex tape.