‘Aliuliza kama nakaa vizuri kwa hio sex tape’ – Betty Kyallo addresses leaked intimate video

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'Aliuliza kama nakaa vizuri kwa hio sex tape' - Betty Kyallo addresses leaked intimate video
Betty Kyallo addressed the fake sex tape. Photos/Courtesy

Social media was on January 17, 2023, awash with photo snippets of an alleged sex video of Betty Kyallo.

The media personality spoke about the incident during a recent interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

Betty was asked to talk about some of the strange things that happened in her life and she mentioned the alleged sex tape.

"Ati nilikuanga na sex tape. Mimi nimeamka asubui natrend nko na sex tape," Betty said.

She added that her mother called her seeking the truth about the alleged sex tape.

"Mom ananipigia ananiambia 'Ehh Betty umefanya nini?'. Nkamwambia mom hakuna tape. [Akaniuliza] Uko sure hakuna tape? Hujafanya?," Betty said amid laughter.

The mother of one said her sister Mercy Kyallo teased her when the alleged tape leaked, inquiring from her whether she looked good in the intimate video.

"She [Mercy] called me 'Betty uko na sex tape?' Ati I hope unakaa poa. Alisema I hope unakaa vizuri kwa hio sex tape," Betty said.

Mercy on her part said there was nothing wrong with having a sex tape.

"No not that it's wrong to take [sex tape]," Mercy said.

Betty interjected and said that her sister has sex tapes galore.

"Huyu Mercy amechukua, huyu ako nazo. Ule mtu anataka sex tape ya Mercy chukua tu simu. Huyu ako na DVD," Betty joked.

Mercy explained that having a sex tape was not wrong as long as one is careful with the data to prevent leakages.

"It's not bad, celebrate it. Hi society yetu ni kama tunaongeanga ni kama sex does exist, lazima ikue ndani ya mattress, chini, tuzime stima tusiongee ni kama it doesn't exist. But it does and it is to be celebrated. And you can tape Gloria in future, Betty you can tape but just take care of the data," Mercy said.

Betty's sister further admitted to sending men intimate photos of herself.

"Honestly do you have like a sex tape out there?" Betty probed.

"No, but I have some photos of myself," Mercy replied.

"Did you sent to any guy?" Betty asked.

"I sent," Mercy replied.

Gag orders

In January 2023, Betty Kyallo through her management MEDIOS Limited moved in with speed to get gag orders to stop the media from publishing the alleged sex tape.

Medios issued a statement revealing that they had reached out to DCI to help them get to the bottom of the ‘false news’.

They further warned that they would prosecute anyone found guilty of originating the false news.

“It has come to our attention that a false story is in circulation on social media platforms insinuating that Media Personality and Entrepreneur Betty Kyallo has taken part in the production of explicit content.

“MEDIOS is the business duly registered in Kenyam officially managing and representing the Betty Kyallo brand. We take this opportunity to repudiate the attempt to remotely or directly link Betty Kyallo with false narrative made in the fake news stories.

“We have lodged an official complaint with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Director of Cybercrime (CR&IB) and we have been assured that any person(s) and or blogs, social media accounts found guilty of originating the false news will be prosecuted.

“The nature of the content circulating social media platforms is fake, malicious and of the intent to tarnish the Betty Kyallo brand which has been carefully cultivated over the past decade. The aforementioned content is no way a representation of the Betty Kyallo brand.

“The Betty Kyallo brand has served as an inspiration to many young Kenyans, has directly and indirectly created employment for many and it purposes to continue doing so via the creation and the promotion of credible, informative and entertaining content for her fans, followers and supporters in a tasteful fashion,” the statement read.

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