‘Kwani ameolewa?’ – Edday reacts after being told what Samidoh did in Karen Nyamu’s house

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On Thu, 15 Jun, 2023 20:08 | 2 mins read
'Kwani ameolewa?' - Edday reacts after being told Samidoh slept in Karen Nyamu's house
Karen Nyamu, Samidoh and Edday. Photos/Courtesy

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been enjoying quality time together ever since Edday Nderitu and her three children left for the US a month ago.

The two lovebirds were seen goofing around at home in a recent video that Samidoh gladly shared on TikTok.

@samidoh_muchoki #wachakuniguza #samidoh #mugithiichallenge ♬ original sound - Sir_Henry_Mwangi

Although this is not the first time these two are being spotted together, it's actually the second time Samidoh is willingly parading Karen Nyamu on his social media pages.

The video comes at a time when rumour has it that Samidoh and Edday have fallen out. This was particularly evident after some netizens informed the mother of three that her husband slept at Karen Nyamu's house.

On receiving the information, Edday took a subliminal shot at Samidoh wondering out loud whether her husband had been married.

"Imgn Sammy alilala kwa nyamu... but may your wish be granted," a netizen commented on Edday's TikTok post.

To which she replied; "Ameolewa kwani?"

Edday and her three children left for the US in early May 2023 and were seen off by her husband Samidoh.

Edday and the kids arrived in the US and they were met by her America-based friend Bernice Saroni who is hosting her and the children at her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

A while back, Bernice came out to angrily slam critics who claimed that she had employed Edday as her babysitter.

The trolls rubbed Bernice the wrong way and she decided to come out to confront netizens poking fun at Edday.

She stressed babysitting is just a job like any other and that no one was supposed to look down on babysitters because they get paid well in the US.

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