Actress Wilbroda reveals how her ‘ever visiting’ relatives played part in ending her marriage

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 22 Sep, 2021 15:32 | 2 mins read
Actress and radio personality Jacque Nyaminde alias Wilbroda. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Actress and comedy personality Jacque Nyaminde alias Wilbroda has opened up about her failed marriage thanks to her ‘ever visiting’ relatives.

During a sit-down on Youtube, the famous radio presenter who is also a mother of one stated that while she enjoyed her blissful union she admits she contributed to their breakup by constantly inviting her relatives over to her house.

“I also contributed to the breakup. I think one thing that contributed to our breakup was that I was with my relatives all the time. My sisters were always at my house, I didn’t see a big deal with it until later on after we broke up, he mentioned it to his friend,” she said.

“I didn’t see that. Looking at it now I am like, I contributed to their coming. I went overboard. I enjoyed their company but it cost me,” she added.

Further, she noted that she no longer entertain visitors in her house anymore to preserve her personal space.

“I no longer entertain visitors even my relatives. People need their personal space,” she said.

Still during the interview, Wilbroda also opened up about pregnancy loss experienced during mother’s day eight years ago.

“I was so excited about the other pregnancy but at three months I lost it. I was angry and lost for some time since the moment you know you are pregnant, a lot of things happens. There was a lot of attachment with my baby. I had even given my baby a name. I used to call her ‘Atis’,” she stated.

She says she resorted to prayers to heal the grief of her baby girl who would have turned eight this year.

“I had prayed for the baby. I got to the house and my sisters would call to ask about the pregnancy. I prayed about it after the loss and that is how I overcame the loss,” she added.

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