‘It’s not clout’ – Willy Paul tells off critics over alleged gunmen raid

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On Sun, 20 Aug, 2023 09:45 | 2 mins read
Kenyan artiste Willy Paul. PHOTO/Willy Paul(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram
Kenyan artiste Willy Paul. PHOTO/Willy Paul(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram

Kenyan artiste Willy Paul has bashed critics claiming he is clout chasing with allegations that gunmen raided his studio story days ago.

The musician took to his Insta Stories to address the incident and defend himself against accusations of seeking attention.

The 'Umeme' hitmaker vehemently denied that his claims were a mere publicity stunt, dismissing critics who suggested otherwise.

He emphasized that the incident had nothing to do with his upcoming song release and expressed his commitment to continuing his creative work despite the unnerving experience.

"To those of you thinking it's clout, please it's not!! It's sad that the gunmen came for me just after I announced that I was releasing a song," he alleged.

"It has nothing to do with the song. I love my work and I will still fulfil my plans but whoever sent these gunmen should know that we have all the information!" he added.

Willy Paul harassed in the past

The most recent incident comes several months after the artist expressed his distress over being harassed by unidentified individuals at a local petrol station.

In a social media post, Willy Paul recounted an encounter where he was subjected to a barrage of insults by a group of people who also recorded the incident.

He said he was being targeted since he was in a public place and could not retaliate.

"The owner of this car found me when I parked my car at the Rubis gas station, they took out a camera and started recording, insulting me for no reason. They called me all the names because they knew I was in public, and I wouldn't do anything," he wrote.

"If you know me, then you know very well that I don't do anything wrong with anyone."

He warned that he would be waiting for the video clip to be uploaded online, saying he had all the needed information to expose the perpetrators.

"My message to these people is that I have everything about them, so we are waiting for you to upload the video on the internet."

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