Willy Paul speaks after viral video of him picking female fan along Thika Road

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On Sat, 21 Oct, 2023 13:22 | 2 mins read
Kenyan musician Willy Paul. PHOTO/Willy(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram
Kenyan musician Willy Paul. PHOTO/Willy(@willy.paul.msafi)/Instagram

Kenyan musician Willy Paul has addressed a viral video of him picking up a female fan along Thika Road.

In a recent interview, the 'Umeme' crooner shed light on the incident, explaining that the lady he picked up was not a stranger but rather a friend of a friend who was in the car with him at the time.

"Kwani ukiwa celeb hufai kuwa na marafiki madem? Coz vile waliiweka, waliisexualize, na kitu funny ni, mi na uyo dem hatujuani. Alikuwa rafiki ya boys wangu mwenye alikuwa kwa gari," Willy Paul explained.

He expressed frustration at the way the incident was portrayed asking if it was wrong for a celebrity to have female friends.

Willy Paul pointed out that the person who recorded the video had a different agenda.

"Ni nonesense tu, ni ujinga, kijana alirecord iyo video alikuja kunibeg kwa dirisha, akisema vile yeye ni fan wangu, kumbe jamaa anachukua content," he added.

Willy Paul also expressed concern for the lady in the video, worrying that she might not be safe since the incident had garnered significant attention.

He feared that she could be targeted by individuals who might believe she had money.

"Ata sijui kama uyo dem atakua safe, juu wakora wanaeza mtafuta wakidhani ako na chapaa," he said.

In the viral video, the distinctive yellow Mercedes Benz, owned by the Saldido boss, can be seen parked by the roadside.

The lady approaches the car with eagerness, engaging in a brief conversation through the car's window before she eventually decides to join the occupants inside the car.

Willy Paul on Bahati gifting wife

Regarding rumours about fellow musician Bahati gifting his wife a new Range Rover, Willy Paul claimed that he was not aware of such a development but wished them well if it were true.

"Sijaona mtu amenunua Range Rover, kama kunayo, congratulations," he stated.

Willy Paul also addressed the misconception that not showing off gifts meant he didn't give presents to his loved ones.

He stressed that public displays were not necessary for genuine gestures of love and generosity.

"Si ati juu hatuonyeshi tunanunuliani, we do, si lazima tuonyeshe," he clarified.

When asked about his plans for marriage, Willy Paul humorously dismissed the idea, citing the challenges he has seen others face in marriages.

"Mi kuoa sioi, nimeona majamaa wamejiua, wengine wanaoa, wakitoka bibi ni wa jirani, mimi staki kuoa," he said while laughing.

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