Xtian Dela calls out Mr Seed for ‘mocking’ their dead friend

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On Tue, 30 May, 2023 12:18 | 2 mins read
Collage of Xtian and Mr Seed during past events. PHOTOS/Courtesy

Content creator Xtian Dela has called out Mr Seed accusing him of blatant ignorance over their mutual friend's death.

Taking to his official Instagram story, the vocal content creator expressed disappointment in one of Seed's recently released songs- 'Niko Poa,' which was released on May 26, detailing the experience of the accident.

According to Xtian, the song was an outright blasphemous mockery of the painful memories of their friend. He also criticized Seed for lack of remorse, and sensitivity on crucial matters as well as 'insulting' the family of their friend who lost his life tragically.

He stated that the 'Dawa ya baridi' hitmaker was disregarding the emotions of his (the friend) loved ones who were still grieving from the loss.

The blogger pointed out that the artiste tagging his YouTube channel as he showcased the wreckage of the car that was involved in the accident was a move that was uncalled for and that Seed tagged his YouTube channel to pre-hype it and garner new subscribers and views rather than empathise with the family.

"It's an insult to the loved ones who still are still in pain and like me..have not yet come to terms that Ambro is dead…… His grave still fresh!!…The family still hurting and mourning…Then, some clout chasing decides the first decided to first show the car that killed Ambro showing his fans and the family members of how Ambroze was painfully killed by a reckless driver whose sobriety I question the family just recently buried him.. all just to pre-hype his YouTube following then act as if he is feeling sorry for what happened then..with no utter feeling of shame or remorse pens a clout chasing song. (I WILL D.E WITH YOU…")…An outright Blasphemous mockery of the sweet but painful memories we are left to carry of dear brother Ambroze," he said.

"It's an INSULT to the LOVED ones who are still in PAIN…the FAMILY still HURTING and MOURNING," he added.

His sentiments were echoed by a section of fans who claimed that Seed was using his friend's death to chase clout and promote his channel.

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