Take photos of police officers, send me via WhatsApp for legal action – MP tells constituents over curfew arrests

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 17 Jul, 2021 21:17 | 2 mins read
Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa. PHOTO/RICHARD SAKAH

Police officers attached to Kiminini sub-county, Trans Nzoia county are in trouble after area Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa instructed them to photograph officers who mistreat them and send their photos to him via WhatsApp to be tabled on the floor of the house.

Speaking at St Anne's area within Kiminini township the legislator noted that officers were following locals especially mama mbogas to their homes to arrest them for violating curfew hours yet they are late by a few minutes.

“As a police officer we know you are supposed to enforce the law but this mama mboga has just closed her business at 7 pm and she is crossing the road to go to her home then you follow her to her house in the name of violating the curfew… I have instructed mama mboga's to photograph you so that you tell us what you want in her house,”

Wamalwa said that he will table the photographs on the floor of the house so that the culprits will get stiffer punishments.

“You officers sitting behind me, we are going to deal with you perpendicularly. Stop harassing my electorate in the name of undertaking curfew rules if you are photographed and your picture is sent to me via my Whatsapp. I am going to call the CS in charge of Interior and show him what his officers are doing in Kiminini,” a visibly furious Wamalwa said.

Wamalwa further castigated the move by the police officers to use boda bodas instead of their official cars in order to easily pursue mama mbogas for arrest.

“I wonder why you settle on mama mbogas yet they are hustling to feed their children. Is it the ease in arresting them or because you know they have the day's cash which you can easily ask for a bribe from,” the MP said.

He further cautioned the boda boda operators who carry police when they are effecting arrests.

“As a boda boda rider, why would you call the police so that you can carry them to arrest these ladies whom you know very well. Shame on you for helping these officers mistreat our mothers,” Wamalwa thundered.

Wamalwa's warning to police in Kiminini comes after locals from the constituency especially Kiminini township, Sikhendu and Bikeke lamented that police officers backed by local vigilantes were harassing them in the guise of enforcing Covid-19 laws.

“I was working in my farm when two officers and three vigilantes from Bikeke police station accosted me asking why I was digging in a terrace without a mask. They handcuffed me demanding Ksh500 or else arrest and lock me in the cell.” a local who did not want to be named said.