Six police officers suspected to have killed Embu brothers in court to face murder-related charges

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On Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 12:34 | 2 mins read

Six police officers implicated in the death of two Kianjokoma brothers have been arraigned in Milimani Law Courts to face murder-related charges.

Police are however seeking more time to continue detaining the officers until the investigations is over.

The six officers were arrested last night in Embu and escorted to Internal Affairs Unit Nairobi for investigations and prosecution.

Embu county police commander Kimani Wamitungo confirmed that the night arrest happened at around 4 am.

The six arrested are 2 corporals , 3 constables and one driver.

The commander said the six were on duty when the incident happened and that they will be subjected to further questioning by internal affairs and IPOA .

Yesterday the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji directed the Inspector General of police to arrest all the six officers suspected have been involved in the murder of the two brothers.

The DPP said the action was to ensure the officers do not interfere with evidence or intimidate the witnesses.

Haji condemned the killings which he said not only attracted considerable public anger but equally drawn the attention of ODPP.

Preliminary investigations indicate that six police officers from Manyatta police station could have been involved in the brutal Killing of the two brothers.

Police in Manyatta police station claimed that the two jumped out of a fast moving police vehicle to evade arrest.

Eye witnesses discounted police version of the circumstances leading to the death of two brothers.

One of the witnesses that has recorded his statement and also spoke to People Daily said Emmanuel Mutura 19 was the first to be arrested.

The officers started assaulting him, prompting his elder brother Benson Ndwiga to rush for his rescue, according to the witness.

They had hit him on the head and was lying unconscious. One officer then hit Benson Ndwiga and he fell on the ground. “It appeared like they assaulted him in order to silence him as he had witnessed his younger brother seriously beaten,” he said.

After being assaulted, the two were put on the front seat of the police pickup and they drove towards Manyatta police station.
Upon arrival the police vehicle was parked near the cells where other suspects were ordered to alight. The two however remained in the vehicle.
“We thought they were being taken to the hospital since they were injured. We however did not ask where they were being taken for fear of being attacked,” the witness said.

It is not known what transpired but police would later report that the two could have jumped out of a moving vehicle as they were being taken to the station.

The Commander further said they are working on moderlities to restore convidence of police to the people of Kianjokoma after the henious act that happened.

The two brothers were laid to rest last week at their father's home in Kianjokoma .

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