Loud woman interrupts Samidoh’s performance, forcing him to walk offstage

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On Tue, 17 Aug, 2021 14:27 | 2 mins read
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Sensational Mugithi musician Samidoh. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

As previously reported, a nasty Instagram video by Karen Nyamu recently surfaced claiming that Samidoh had assaulted her.

Just a few days later, the Mugithi singer was forced to walk offstage during his most recent weekend performance after a loud woman started questioning him about the 'Karen Nyamu drama'

This is seen in a video snippet leaked by a fan that captured the scene as it unfolded, where Samidoh, upon realizing what was happening, made a swift exit.

The fans during this whole debacle started to look visibly uncomfortable and some just laughed it off.

During a different performance, fans in Nairobi were in for a treat being one of the first shows after the release of his new song 'Muthoniwa' making them among some of the first to enjoy a live performance of the new track.

As you can see in the videos he shared on social media, Samidoh was rocking the crowd and the energy was amazing with fans loudly singing along.

Samidoh continues to outright neglect the whole Ms Nyamu drama where most ruled it out as clout chasing.

Regardless of loads of speculative comments which flooded his timeline and the internet, he has refused to clear the air on the allegations by his baby mama.

The city Lawyer alleged that the popular singer assaulted her physically over cheating allegations.

In a live video session she held on her Instagram page, Nyamu said Samidoh went to her house and began punching her saying she has been having a romantic affair with men in Mombasa.

Nyamu, however, defended herself saying she was on work-related duties.

She demonstrated various parts of her face where she claimed Sammidoh punched her and told her that he would kill her and go to prison.