Mackenzie should serve life sentence regardless of court’s decision – Kindiki

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On Mon, 5 Jun, 2023 18:58 | < 1 min read
Mackenzie should serve life sentence regardless of court's decision - Kindiki
Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki. PHOTO/Facebook

Interior and National Administration Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki now says controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie should serve a life sentence.

Kindiki who was speaking in Taita Taveta during the commissioning of the Police Divisional Headquarters in Wundanyi opined that Mackenzie deserves to be in jail for life for his actions regardless of what the court rules.

"Ule bwana Mackenzie ataishi jela milele na milele. Ata mahakama ikimwachilia atoke pale tutamrudisha tena. Ataishi pale. Yeye ni hatari kwa usalama ya watu. Tulikua tumempeleka pale mara tatu akiwachiliwa na mara ya mwisho mamia ya watu wamepoteza maisha kwa mikono ya yule mhalifu," the CS stated.

Loosely translated as "(Mackenzie will remain in prison forever and in case the court releases him, we shall return him there. He had been arrested thrice before while being released and that is how we eventually lost hundreds of people in his hands.)"

So far, at least 242 bodies have been exhumed in Shakahola forest, with 90 victims having been rescued. Over 600 people have been reported missing in relation to the religious saga allegedly orchestrated by the head of the Good News International Church cult group.

The exhumation process continues with Kindiki vowing that this will be the last incident of its kind.

“We have lost many people, we have exhumed 242 bodies so far, of people who were starved to death, hit with blunt and sharp objects or strangled,” Kindiki said.


“We will never see something like that. Just the way we handle criminals hiding under Islam, we will equally deal with those hiding under Christianity. So that they do not stain the church.”