Shakahola: Exhumation of bodies to resume on Monday

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On Sun, 4 Jun, 2023 15:27 | < 1 min read
Shakahola cult: Search extends to Tsavo East National Park
Multi-agency team exhumes more bodies at Shakahola Forest. PHOTO/Courtesy

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has announced that the government will resume exhuming bodies in Shakahola forest, Kilifi County, on Monday, June 5, 2023.

Speaking during a church service in Kirinyaga County, Kindiki promised that the Shakahola incident would be the last of its kind to occur in the country.

“We have lost many people, we have exhumed 242 bodies so far, of people who were starved to death, hit with blunt and sharp objects or strangled,” Kindiki said.

“We will never see something like that. Just the way we handle criminals hiding under Islam, we will equally deal with those hiding under Christianity. So that they do not stain the church.”

Kindiki also promised to crack the whip on rogue churches and preachers operating in the country to rid off the country of con spiritual leaders.

"All the crooks and criminals who are hiding in the church of Jesus Christ those who are hiding in other religions your time is up we will smoke you out," Kindiki added.

Shakahola numbers

So far, at least 242 bodies have been exhumed in Shakahola forest, with 90 victims having been rescued. Over 600 people have been reported missing in relation to the religious saga allegedly orchestrated by the head of the Good News International Church Paul Mackenzie.

At least 32 suspects have been arrested in relation with the same.