KWS denies reports Olobor Lion was killed in Maasai Mara

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On Mon, 12 Feb, 2024 21:23 | 2 mins read
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The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has denied reports that Olobor, a famous lion in the Kenyan wildlife ecosystem, has been killed.

In a statement on Monday, February 12, 2024, KWS said there was no evidence that the famous lion from the 'Black Rock Pride' in Maasai Mara National Reserve had been killed by pastoralists.

"Reference to various social media messages of the alleged killing of Olobor, a famous lion from the 'Black Rock Pride' in Maasai Mara National Reserve by pastoralists. KWS Intelligence and Investigation teams responded by visiting the area but neither evidence nor information was gathered to prove the allegations," KWS stated.

KWS has as a result tasked the top management of the reserve together with 'Mara Predators' - a research team whose work is monitoring lions, to look for Olobor.

"We reassure the public that we will provide an accurate account of Olobor when the facts are established and proven," KWS added.

According to the Facebook page Lion Sightings, Olobor could have been killed as a result of human-animal conflict in the notorious Maji ya Fisi area towards the end of January 2024.

"With tremendous sadness, we have to speak up about the "rumours" we have heard during past days. Now it seems the famous Black Rock boy and one of the best fighters in Mara, Olobor, is no longer with us. Without photos as evidence the information we got to know is he was another victim of human-wildlife conflicts at the notorious Maji ya Fisi area," the Facebook page posted on February 9, 2024.

"The murder occurred at the end of January. In fact, many previous MajiYF pride males, including 2/3 Paiya Males, Haile, Maridadi, Oloisiado, and now Olobor, may have fallen to the same fate (only Haile and Olobor body found while others just vanished. We can't believe how sad and stressful Oloshipa would become as he'd never find his dearest buddy. Now the remaining three Black Rockers need to reunite and stand tough protecting their land and avoiding all these traps."

Several social media users have aired the same, claiming that the famous lion has not been seen with his "buddies" in recent weeks.

Olobor attacked

In 2022, the famous lion was filmed fighting over 20 hyenas which had attacked him at the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

In the video posted on YouTube, although outnumbered by the clan of hyenas, Olobor showed the characteristics of a fearless male lion by fighting back.

The hyena clan was trying to defend its territory from the fearless male lion but instead, they lost a clan member trying to defend their territory in vain.

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