Airline accused of ‘fat-shaming’ passengers by weighing them before flights 

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On Tue, 13 Feb, 2024 09:11 | < 1 min read
Airline accused of ‘fat-shaming’ passengers by weighing them before flights 
Finnair passengers are being asked to weigh themselves and their luggage before flights. PHOTO/Reuters

A European airline has been accused of fat-shaming passengers by weighing them before flights.

Finnair is the latest carrier to make the controversial move in a bid to maximise fuel efficiency and weight distribution on its aircraft.

Hundreds of volunteer customers have already been weighed by the budget airline along with their carry-on luggage.

But the very idea of it has caused a stir on social media and further afield.

Fox News commentator Lisa Kennedy said on a podcast that airlines should be targeting ‘seating kicking toddlers’ and people guilty of releasing ‘toxic butt toots’, according to The Sun.

Finnair are just the latest of a handful of airlines to implement the weigh-ins before departure.

The use of the scales at the gates has split opinion on social media.

Greg Whitey wrote on X, formerly Twitter: ‘Do we now call it Thinnair?’

X user Lizza Dauenhauer-Pendley said: ‘Finnair: on the scales, y’all. Scales no longer just for bags but humans #fatshaming.’

Another, posting under the handle @HenryPersephone, was also not impressed, and said: ‘I will not be travelling via @Finnair as l won’t be #fatshamed by a bloody airline. Am l alone? (i.e. l never weigh myself: my choice).’

However, not everyone was against the idea.

David Cortese said: ‘As long as the weighing remains private and that there’s no discrimination, what Finnair’s doing has more to do with physics and flight safety than with shaming.’

And Sara Hutchison wrote on X: ‘Fine by me. Seems the only people triggered by this are those who are prolly a little on the chunky side…. Either own it, or do summit about it!’

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