‘Wathubutu tena!’ – IG Koome w*rns al-S*****b as he visits Lamu

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On Fri, 30 Jun, 2023 19:33 | 3 mins read
Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome.
Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome. PHOTO/K24 Digital

The Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome held a security meeting in Lamu on Friday, June 30, 2023, to assure residents of maximum security following the recent al-Shabaab attacks.

Koome assured the residents of Lamu that no one "is going to chase them away from their homes".

Speaking during a public gathering meeting at Juhudi Primary School Koome urged the residents to remain calm and not to allow the enemy to divide them.

Koome added that the government has put measures in place, to ensure they prevent a replica of what has been happening.

"Na mimi nawahakikishia yale yalifanyika, wathubutu tena, watakiona cha mtema kuni. Hakuna mchezo. Hakikisho kutoka kwangu kama Inspector Generali wenu. Hakuna yeyote atakufurusha kwako. (I am assuring you that if those attackers try doing what they did, they will face the wrath of the law. We are not playing. Take it from me, no one will chase you out of your homes)," Koome said.

Koome also visited several villages in Lamu County, assuring them of their safety in their area.

This comes after a gruesome attack that happened a week ago claiming the lives of five men.

The attackers slit the throats of the men, burnt their houses and made away with some properties.

Among the victims was a form three student at Bakanja Secondary School, who succumbed to the attack.

In his speech, the Inspector of Police also assured the residents that the government security machinery is focused on cubbing such attacks and guaranteeing the safety of all Lamu County residents.

Inspector General Japheth Koome.PHOTO/KOOME/Facebook.

Addressing the security issue during the gathering, Lamu West Member of Parliament Stanley Muthama, shared his plea to the IG "to ensure he expedites tight security measures and establish a permanent security camp in the area" to prevent the said attacks.

Lamu Residents fled their homes

Two days before IG Koome visited Lamu, more than 200 families from the villages that received attacks from the suspected al-Shabaab terrorist group fled their homes in fear of other attacks like the one witnessed a week ago.

They began spending nights at Juhudi Primary and retreating to their homes during daybreak.

"Chenye imefanya tulale apa ni uoga. Tunahofia uhai wetu. Hiyo ndio imefanya tulale apa kwa sababu huko tunakaa an wasiwasi. Hatujaona ile usalama amabayo tuliahidiwa," (We don't feel safe and we have not seen beefed security as we had been promised.)," Teresia Ngaria told the press.

Another resident who had also fled her home also said that they sought asylum at the school because they felt unsafe at their homes.

Lamu Island on a Kenyan map.PHOTO/AlJazeera/website.

"If you sleep in that house, they will burn you and your children inside that house. How are we going to get help?" Jane Wambui, a resident of Lamu lamented.

Timothy Kimani, a resident of the affected area in Lamu also narrated how he goes to the farm until 6 pm, when he begins his journey back to Juhudi Primary School which has become their second home.

"Tunapolala hapa nyumbani kuna hatari, maanake unaweza kuwa unalala usiku jirani akaja akubishie mlango. Ukitoka, anakuwa sio yeye, kisha unashikwa an wale. Unaposhikwa unakuwa wewe ndio utaitana boma nyingine karibu an wewe. (When we sleep here, you might get a knock at night from your neighbour, but when you open the door, you are nabbed by the attackers. They then use you to call the next neighbour out)," Timothy Kimani said.

An elderly resident Stephen Mwaura also said that trouble begins when the sun sets.

He narrated that the residents are delighted by the dawn, as they can 'see every corner'.