Simeon Nyachae’s son accuses stepmother of having 4 husbands

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On Fri, 30 Jun, 2023 17:48 | 2 mins read
simeon nyachae
The late Simeon Nyachae. PHOTO/Courtesy

The family feud over the late Simeon Nyachae's wealth has taken a new twist after one of the sons accused his stepmother of having had four husbands.

According to an affidavit sworn in relation to the court case entailing the fight for the deceased's estate, Nyachae's son accuses his late father's wife of having four husbands.

Margaret Chweya, the accused wife strongly denied the allegations saying that she met Nyachae even before the complainant's son, Leon Nyachae, was born and they wedded.

Margaret also alleges that when she met her late sweetheart and husband, Leon's mother, Grace Wamuyu, was never in the picture.

Leon went ahead to state the names of the men that he alleges are all married to his stepmother Chweya.

Jacob Mchuki Mokaya and Michael Pondo Mikgowa are allegedly Chweya's husbands all living in Kenya.

According to the late minister's son, Chweya also has two other husbands, George Gordon Odera and James Leroy Totten, who reside in the United States of America (US) where the stepmother is based.

The son, seemingly determined to give a good fight to ensure his father's inheritance does not land in Chweya's hands, has stated the allegations with the hope that the court will see Chweya as undeserving of the properties and other forms of wealth that Nyachae left behind.

Chweya on allegations

The troubled Chweya, through her lawyer, came out to condemn the allegations pointed at her, stating that she has never been married to any other person besides her late husband Simeon Nyachae.

"I have never been married to Mr Michael Pondo nor have I been married to Mr Jacob Machuki. There has never been any dowry paid to my stepmother Agnes Kerubo/Kemunto (sic)," court documents read in part.

However, the antagonised stepmother did not deny nor mention the allegations against her in relation to the "two husbands based in the US".

She does not affirm knowing or having no relation with the two people, lest for the mention that her "stepmother has never received any dowry".

Chweya also gave Leon a piece of her mind, telling him to leave the inheritance battle, as it is for the wives and not the children.

The court papers also revealed that some of the properties had been sold, with claims that the children have alienated Chweya's family, who also believe they must get a share of the estate as beneficiaries.

"What the children have done is erase Simeon Nyachae beneficiaries like the entire American-based family and they have sold some of the properties," court papers read.

As the battle ensues and heightens, Chweya has come to the limelight as many had never heard of her.

The late Simeon Nyachae's wives who were known to the public include Esther Nyaboke Nyachae, Drusilla Kerubo Nyachae, Martha Mwango Nyachae, Silvia Nyokabi (divorced), and Grace Wamuyu Nyachae, who is Leon's mother.

The late Nyachae

Nyachae is said to have had a net worth of about 100 million US dollars when he died on February 1, 2023.

The renowned late minister died at the age of 88 years, at the Nairobi Hospital after falling sick.

A few years before his death, Simeon Nyachae had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but the cause of his death was not clearly revealed by his family.

Besides his active role in politics, Nyachae was also a businessman with shares in different companies and various physical businesses.

He was a staunch member of the Kenya African National Union Party (KANU), which was the ruling party in the late President Moi's era.

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