Kajiado MPs give cows, goats for mourners at Moi’s burial

By KNA On Tue, 11 Feb, 2020 12:56 | 2 mins read

Residents of Kajiado East and Central constituencies have donated six cows and 51 goats towards the preparations for the late President Daniel Moi’s funeral.

The residents said they donated their animals, which will be slaughtered to feed mourners during Moi’s burial at Kabarak on Wednesday, February 12, out of the love and respect that they had for Moi.

Kajiado Central legislator Elijah Memusi, who led the residents in giving out the animals noted that Moi was a very generous and self-less leader who strove to ensure peace and unity prevailed in the country during his reign.

The MP said the residents had donated the animals as a sign of respect and support for the Moi family.

Memusi said the former president was a strong statesman and a pillar of unity as he did not discriminate any citizen based on his ethnicity or religion.

“In his administration, you could see the face of Kenya because he gave all people including Asians and Muslims positions in government as he believed that every citizen and tribe has something different to offer.

He was more of a father figure and even mentored almost everybody within the current political class, an exemplary legacy that we as leaders should emulate and ensure we focus on uniting Kenyans rather than dividing them,” said Memusi.

Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko eulogized President Moi as a true leader who was respected across the continent for his dedication to making Africa a united continent.

“It is during the Moi era that our security forces took part in peacekeeping missions in many countries ravaged by civil war especially in West Africa. This made Kenya to be more influential as well as gain respect among other African nations,” she said.

Former Kajiado Governor David Ole Nkedianye also condoled the family of the longest-serving President saying that Moi’s legacy should be emulated especially within the political circles as he is the one who repealed section 2A of the constitution and allowed multi-party system in Kenya. 

“As for me, I choose to celebrate his legacy as a leader of our Nation; in 1992 he proved that at times personal interests should never be given primacy over the nation’s interests because he chose to repeal section 2A of the constitution to allow Kenya to have opposition parties hence increasing the democratic space,” Nkedianye said.

Former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet also eulogized the late President Moi as a champion of education who worked tirelessly to ensure that all children had access to basic education.

“President Moi had a soft spot for children since he ensured that schools had been established in almost every area that he visited and as pastoralists, we benefitted a lot after he built boarding schools for girls and boys so that they can stay in school while their families were looking after cattle. He also introduced the free milk programme in public schools to ensure pupils enrolled and stayed in school,” Mositet said.

The former President who served the nation for 24 years will be buried on Wednesday at his Kabarak home  in Nakuru county

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