Journalist pleads with police not to arrest anyone in his suicide notes before taking own life

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On Thu, 23 Feb, 2023 21:22 | 2 mins read
Journalist pleads with police not to arrest anyone in his suicide notes before taking own life
The late Brian Kasibante juxtaposed with the suicide notes he wrote. PHOTOS/Facebook.

Police are investigating the circumstances under which journalist Brian Kasibante took lethal poison on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

The 26-year-old journalist wrote suicide notes informing his family and friends about his decision before drinking paraquat, a toxic chemical that is widely used as a herbicide primarily for weed and grass control.

Kasibante, who worked for Kooki Broadcasting Services (KBS) in Uganda, died on Wednesday morning at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where he had been rushed on Tuesday evening after taking the poison.

A health worker at the hospital who spoke to local media on condition of anonymity said the journalist consumed about 30ml of paraquat which disorganised his whole body system.

The deceased's colleague Nicholas Kakeeto told local media that the late journalist frequently quarrelled with his two wives, which he believes could have influenced his decision to commit suicide.

“He has been telling us stories about his fights with his wives, but we thought this was an easy problem and ignored it," he said.

Another colleague Betty Nabichu said she reached out to the deceased after he wrote about how he would kill himself on his WhatsApp status.

"Even though I’ve been speaking to him every day, I was ignorant of his struggles. I last read a write-up on his WhatsApp status discussing how he would commit suicide. We were the most alarmed when I attempted to call him, but he didn’t answer," she said.

Suicide notes

According to the notes he left behind, the late journalist pleaded with the police not to make any arrests over his death.

“I’m taking my own life without being murdered. Please do not lock anyone up,” the notes read in part.

“I have only left one child in the world, and his name is Wiiki. Please look after my child and brothers. Mama Wiiki, please maintain your composure," the notes continue.

The journalist also asked his family not to hold a funeral for him in his suicide notes.

“I ask you not to hold a funeral. That is how I want to be buried. Bury me however you like. But my picture is with Isaac Kukiriza," the notes read.

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