‘He ate my food until his last day’ – Barbara Magoha

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On Sat, 11 Feb, 2023 16:03 | 2 mins read
Barbara Magoha
Barbara Magoha and the late Prof. George Magoha. PHOTO/Courtesy

Barbara Magoha, the widow of the late former Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) George Magoha has disclosed that she cooked for her husband till the last day.

Speaking during the late academician's burial ceremony in Gem, Siaya on Saturday, February 11, 2023, Barabara acknowledged that she supported her husband in so many ways as a good wife should.

She affirmed that she never let him down during their marriage noting that she cooked for the professor every day of his life regardless of whether she was busy or not.

"As a wife I supported him in so many ways, but one thing I like to say is that as a calabar(the capital city of cross River State, Nigeria) woman I never let him down, he ate my food until the last day for forty good years nobody else cooked my husband's food. I was so busy but whether I was in the country or not it was my food that he ate," she said.

Barbara also clarified why she did not publicly mourn her husband as she received his body on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

She opined that her culture and tradition dictated that the deceased should be celebrated. Additionally, the widow pointed out that her new position in the family did not allow her to display emotions publicly.

"I need to make certain facts clear. Some cultures are good, and there are others as time goes by that we'll have to give up on. People were upset some were astonished that I did not wail and cry to enter the home. Sorry to let you down, but my new position in the family doesn't give me such privilege to do public display of emotions," she said.

"I'm a Nigerian, I was born a Nigerian, I'll be buried a Kenyan in between I'm a Malian, I want to bury my husband the Nigerian way, because when you are in distress you go back to the womb and the first language one resorts to. I mourned him in my own way, I did my songs of lamentations at the hospital," she added.

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