Garsen Magistrate narrates near-death experience with Al Shabaab militants

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 29 Jan, 2022 18:23 | 2 mins read
Officers, Al Shabaab
Al-Shabaab militants during a past raid. PHOTO/Courtesy

Garsen Senior principal magistrate, Paul Rotich has narrated his experience in the hands of Alshabab militants, following Tuesday's attack by the suspected militants.

Rotich said that although he would soldier on and continue dispensing his duties at the Garsen law courts, he had come face to face with the Alshabab militants who ambushed his vehicle and began shooting at the occupants of the vehicle with the aim of killing them.

Rotich noted that in a split of seconds, the militants began shooting at their vehicle and he could not comprehend how he found himself inside the bush.

"There was a lorry which had been flagged off by the militants, and as we approached the area on the way we saw heavily armed militants, emerging from the bush, and all over sudden they began shooting at our vehicle. It happened so fast that l did not realize and l cannot tell how l found myself inside the bush. l ran but you did not have time to run, l fled to the nearby bushes l had to run for my life," Rotich said.

Rotich noted that although his family and friends were worried over his security he will still soldier on.

He however requested the judiciary and the security apparatus, to beef up their security not only for the court and judicial officers but for the entire place.

"I will continue working, here but am not going for mobile courts. l would call on the government to beef up security in the entire place," Rotich said.

He noted that while seeking refuge inside the bush, there was an exchange of fire between the militants and the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF ) before they were rescued.

"Those were the longest hours here on earth, l did not know what to do anymore and remained hidden inside those bushes for the longest time of my life. Then there was shooting and more shooting and finally, the militants retreated back into the forest after the exchange of fire from KDF, after the silence l began finding my way to to the road and then security officers took over ", he added.

On Wednesday six heavily armed militants ambushed a GK vehicle that was ferrying court officials among them Rotich his court Assistant, Boy Njue, state counsel Frank Sirima police constables, Moses Bett, Willis Mgendi, and Abel Barista.

Suspected Alshabab militants have been launching, attacks in parts of Lamu since January 3, this year which has so far claimed the lives of 15 people