DP Gachagua reveals Itumbi’s role at State House

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On Sun, 22 Jan, 2023 18:26 | < 1 min read
DP Gachagua reveals Itumbi's role at State House
Dennis Itumbi with President William Ruto and DP Rigathi Gachagua. PHOTO/Facebook

Deputy Gachagua Rigathi has revealed Dennis Itumbi's role at the State House - an errand boy.

Speaking in Kerugoya on Sunday, January 22, the DP revealed that Itumbi who is also a close aide of President William Ruto doesn't have an exact job nor does he have an office.

"Many of you wonder what is the work of Itumbi. His office is come here go there... He is a close friend to our President," he said.

Gachagua was responding to critics from Azimio who had claimed that Itumbi was sidelined by Ruto while forming his communication team at State House.

"Itumbi has no office but he is in charge of everything. He arranges everything," he added.

Further, he revealed an alleged murder and kidnap plot against him for his close relations with the president.

He claimed that Itumbi was almost murdered by the former government but it was of God's grace that he survived and thanked the public for being the 'whistleblowers' when Itumbi was kidnapped.

"Huyu kijana alikua amepanga kuuwawa. Lakini watu waliweka kwa mtandao akawachiliwa akatupwa pale Kasarani. Bishop amesema tusameheane lakini mambo ingine ni ngumu husahau," he said.

Loosely translated as; "(They had planned to kill Itumbi but social media uproar saved him. He was released and dumped in Kasarani. I know Bishop has preached about forgiveness but some things are hard to forget)."

In December 2020, Itumbi said he is playing an integral role in Ruto’s administration. 

"I have a very important role which is, come here, go there. That is a very critical role in the government,” he said. 

Asked to clarify the rumour that he is destined for the Government Spokesperson position, Itumbi said that is a great wish but his current position is 'come here, go there'. 

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