Diamond Platnumz: Kenya’s Tanasha Oketch is 7 months pregnant with my son

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On Tue, 9 Jul, 2019 10:59 | 3 mins read
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Oketch began dating in November 2018. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Oketch began dating in November 2018. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Oketch began dating in November 2018. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, whose real name is Nasib Abdul Juma, and his Kenyan lover, Tanasha Oketch, are expecting their first child together.

Diamond Platnumz announced on Sunday, July 7 that Oketch is seven months pregnant, and that she will give birth to a baby boy in about two months’ time.

The “Make Me Sing” star made the announcement at Tanasha’s birthday party held at an entertainment joint in Dar es Salaam.

The event was attended by top musicians from Tanzania and Kenya, and emceed by Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi.

The day was a double-celebration for Diamond Platnumz and his family, given the artiste’s mother, Sanura Kassim, alias Bi Sandara, was also celebrating her birthday.

Tanasha who turned 24 on July 7 will be a first-time mother, whereas her lover, Diamond Platnumz, will be a father of four children.

Platnumz has two children (Latiffah Dangote aged 3 and Prince Nilan aged 2) with his former lover, Zari Hassan.

The musician also has a 1-year-old son with his former side-lover Hamisa Mobetto.

While announcing Tanasha’s pregnancy, Diamond Platnumz said they “had hidden information about his lover’s pregnancy for long, and it was time they clarified the matter”.

Twenty-four-year-old Tanasha Oketch and 29-year-old Diamond Platnumz began dating in November 2018.

News about Tanasha’s pregnancy comes just five months after the Kenyan radio host’s family warned Diamond Platnumz against impregnating her out of wedlock.

In February this year, Tanzania’s Ijumaa Newspaper reported that Tanasha’s family wouldn’t be impressed if their daughter happens to get pregnant with the award-winning singer without their union being formalised.

The revelations at the time came on the back of claims that Oketch, a radio presenter at NRG, was expecting Diamond’s baby.

Tanasha, however, came out to refute those rumours.

Diamond’s reputation – as a partner – has, often, come under razor-sharp criticism, with those opposed to his alleged “selfish” deeds claiming he hooks up, deceives women into love before impregnating them and disappearing.

The proponents of this school of thought give examples of Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto as the “Kwangwaru” hit-maker’s victims.

Well-placed sources from Tanasha’s family in Mombasa in February allegedly warned the artiste against getting a baby with Oketch, who “was brought up in a highly-religious background”, Ijumaa Newspaper said.

The informant, a kin to Ms Oketch, told the outlet: “There are a lot of things [we have spoken to Tanasha about her relationship with Diamond]. However, what stands out is the ultimatum the family has put on her – that she shouldn’t get a baby with Diamond out of wedlock. That decision was arrived at after deliberating on many issues,” the insider told the news outlet.

“What you should know is that Tanasha comes from a very religious family; her parents strictly adhere to Christian doctrines, and wouldn’t want their daughter to disobey the teachings.”

The source, however, stated that Oketch’s family was not opposed to their daughter’s relationship with the award-winning crooner.

“What we won’t entertain is him [Diamond] taking advantage of our daughter, and ditching her thereafter,” said the informant.

The ex-model’s kinsmen challenged Diamond to exchange wedding vows with Tanasha before even thinking of babies, saying the entertainer’s history with women “shows an undesired pattern”.

“Diamond dated Wema Sepetu for long, but he, eventually, left her. He, thereafter, moved to Zari, whom he got two children with; and the rumour mill, consequently, was rife with claims that he would marry her, but he still deserted her after it emerged that he impregnated Hamisa Mobetto during a fling.

“Following such habits, we cannot trust him when he says he would marry our daughter. Until that day he would visit us; and be introduced formally, and, thereafter, given the go-ahead to marry Tanasha, we won’t entertain the thought of the two getting babies together,” said the source.

Ijumaa Newspaper  reached Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, for comment.

“I am not aware of claims that Tanasha’s family in Mombasa has warned Diamond against getting babies with the radio presenter. However, we – on our end – have sat down with Diamond and advised him against getting another baby out of wedlock,” said Kassim.

The “no-babies-until-wedlock” advice, however, seemingly came late after Tanasha had already conceived.