Cherargei accuses media of sensationalism, confident Ruto wi*l deliver

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On Sat, 16 Sep, 2023 13:53 | 2 mins read
Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei. PHOTO/Cherargei(@scherargei)/X
Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei. PHOTO/Cherargei(@scherargei)/X

Nandi Senator Simon Cherargei has once again lashed out at the media, accusing them of sensationalism when reporting on matters related to the cost of living in Kenya.

While listing some of the headlines by various local publications, the senator stated that citizens ought to be patient as the president is working hard to turn things around.

Cherargei criticized the fourth estate for what he described as sensational headlines intended to create unnecessary panic among Kenyan citizens.

He urged the public to exercise patience, asserting that President Ruto is diligently working towards addressing the economic challenges facing the nation.

"The sponsored sensational media headlines shall not deter H.E Ruto from delivering to Kenyans as per the plan. Kenyans should be patient because President Ruto shall turn around the ailing economy of the country," Cherargei emphatically stated.

He further noted that some media outlets had been sceptical about President Ruto's leadership, even after his election victory.

Senator Cherargei made reference to the ongoing denial of Ruto's presidency by certain quarters within the media.

"The same media did not believe that Dr. William Ruto was going to be the President together with Tinga/Uhuru/Azimio-OKA are still in DENIAL that he is 5th President of Kenya. Wameze wembe wakisikia vibaya huko kwao!" Cherargei asserted.

Cherargei beefs with media

This is not the first time the senator has hit out at the media.

Earlier in May, he accused the media of being in denial regarding Ruto's presidency. He urged Kenyans to disregard headlines that portrayed the Ruto administration negatively.

"Most of the media in this country are still in denial that H.E. Ruto is the president of Kenya. This is after fighting him for the last five years and the great people of Kenya rejected their propaganda plus their sponsors, Azimio-OKA. Ignore such headlines with the contempt it deserves! Waende wasikie vibaya huko kwao!" Cherargei remarked.

The senator's comments came after a local newspaper's report on alleged internal disputes within the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Cherargei did not directly reference the specific report but used the opportunity to criticize the media's overall approach to covering political matters.

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