Nairobi: 17-year-old street boy scores B (plain) in KCSE against all odds

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On Sun, 29 Jan, 2023 13:52 | 2 mins read
Boy living in streets poses impressive KCSE results
17-Year-old Marvin Oduor. PHOTO/Courtesy

Life in the streets has for a long time been overlooked as a ruthless affair that tends to dim one's hopes as the day passes.

While many people view the lifestyle as one filled with insurmountable difficulties and despair, Marvin Oduor has proven that anyone can do well regardless of circumstances.

Oduor who sat his Kenya Certificate of Secondary examinations (KCSE) scored a B plain in his exams despite spending his time living in the streets of Nairobi during the school holidays.

The 17-year-old who went against all odds had been living in the streets since he was in Form one.

He intimated to a local publication that he fended for himself by begging for food from passers-by. He also says he earned some coins from directing motorists on where to park their cars.

“Life in the streets is so hard. We receive beatings every time from City Council askaris and the police,” he lamented.

When asked why he found himself on the street, Oduor filled with hopes and dreams recounted that a misunderstanding between himself and his family caused a rift that forced him to live on the streets.

Prior to the decision, the young man lived comfortably with his mother and sister at their humble abode in Mathare, Nairobi county.

At the time, he attended Mission of Hope International school where he attained 386 marks in his final exams.

Despite living in the streets, Oduor recalled that he would juggle between the streets and his mother's house whenever he needed to do his assignments.

He added that he managed to score the grade through hard work and determination. The teenager also alluded that his motivation to become a doctor pushed his drive to work harder than his peers.

He, however, noted that his dreams were shattered after learning that he did not attain the entry grade needed for the course.

At the same time, the young man has expressed his determination to join university and achieve his goals, he, however, indicates that if he doesn't have his way, he will continue with life in the streets where he makes between Ksh50 and Ksh350.

“On a normal day, I earn at least Sh50, while the much I can earn is Ksh350," he stated.

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