Blogger who first reported Jeff Mwathi’s death mystery shares cryptic message

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On Sun, 12 Mar, 2023 17:12 | 2 mins read
Blogger who first reported Jeff Mwathi's death mystery shares cryptic message
Photo collage of blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora and Jeff Mwathi with DJ Fatxo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Simon Mwangi Muthiora - the blogger who blew up Jeff Mwathi's death mystery has shared a cryptic message on his Facebook page.

Mwathi, who was an interior decorator, died last month after allegedly falling off from Kikuyu artiste Lawrence Njuguna alias Fatxo's Redwood apartment on the 10th floor along Thika road after partying together.

Mwangi in a post on Sunday afternoon claimed threats to his life saying he is done chasing the truth behind Jeff Mwathi's demise.

"People, POVERTY is the Enemy! R.I.P Jeff, murahandire mwana wa muthini mugunda ta mbembe! (Your body was disposed like maize on a farm) My friends, when I am gone, please treat my kids better. ❤️❤️❤️I am done."

Mwangi's claims follow a new twist on Mwathi's final moments before his death as shared by DJ Fatxo.

Fatxo while speaking in a presser shared by Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, explains that while he had gone with him to his house after a night out, he left with three other women but upon his return, Jeff Mwathi was missing.

He slept briefly and in the morning he was still missing which prompted them to report the matter to the police station before he reportedly found his body.

"Keep on praying for me, this thing is hard but we will emerge victorious. It was I who reported the matter to the police station. I went to my house with Jeff and then left with three ladies but he was not there upon my return. I am the one who told the police Jeff is missing," he stated.

While dismissing claims that he did not mourn Jeff, the DJ maintains after learning about his death, he contacted Jeff's family and even had to pass some of the information through his mother.

"I reached out to his family and informed them about Jeff's death. I told them that I would support his burial but I did not get the response I needed. This prompted me to involve my mother," he said.

DJ Fatxo's sentiments, however, contradict the information shared by authorities and the scenes captured via CCTV in his apartment.

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