VIDEO: Be objective, Bwana! UON student disrupts Babu Owino bail hearing

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On Mon, 27 Jan, 2020 15:11 | 3 mins read
UON student disrupts Babu Owino bail hearing
UON student disrupts Babu Owino bail hearing

There was drama at Milimani Law Courts Monday morning when a young man, presumed to be a Babu Owino supporter, disrupted pre-bail hearings with an impassioned outburst.

Embakasi MP Babu Owino was in court over a case where he is accused of attempted murder and disorderly behavoir in night club shooting involving Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve.

Lawyers representing DJ Evolve’s family and the DPP’s office were making submissions to Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi Monday, asking the court to deny the Embakasi legislator’s bail request.

Deputy DPP Jacob Ondari addressing the court, moments before Mr. Odinga's outburst. [Photo: K24/Sheila Mutua]

As Deputy DPP Jacob Ondari told the packed courtroom about the ill state of the DJ’s health, a tall young man yelled, “Be objective, bwana! Be objective.”

A startled Odari protested the interruption asking saying, “Your honour, I am not sure if we have hooligans in court.”

Startled, Mr. Ondari pauses his submission to look at Mr. Odinga after the outburst.

Two security officials swept into action, ejecting the young man from the courtroom.

Clad in a black shirt and matching leather jacket, the young man momentarily resisted arrest, but gave in.

The man - who was later identified as Graham Mukenye Odinga, a University of Nairobi student - was taken to Capital Hill Police Station, and charged with contempt of court. 

Graham Mukenye Odinga [Photo: Courtesy/ Graham Mukenye Odinga's Facebook]

Odinga is a 3rd year statistics student.

Babu Owino's bail hearing

In a 6-page report tabled before the court Monday, lawyers representing DJ Evolve asked the court to deny Babu Owino's bail application on grounds probable witness tampering.

The court was told that the family feared, given the accused position and power, the attempted murder case would be jeopardised by his release.

Further, the court was informed that DJ Evolve was still receiving intensive medical care at Nairobi Hospital for the gunshot wound to his neck. Family lawyers also submitted Evolve's hospital-bed statement to the court.

“I am tired, I am in pain and am traumatised. I don’t want to talk and I cannot fathom anything. I have not slept for days because I am scared of my life and future,” read DJ Evolve's statement in the bail assessment report.

Owino is being represented by a team of over seven lawyers lead by Danstan Omari, Charles Omanga, Peter Njagi, Cliff Ombeta, and Holly Edward among others.

The MP has denied two counts of attempted murder and behaving disorderly while armed, following the shooting of Orinda at a city club in January.

Babu has pleaded not guilty on both counts.