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hecklers Burma Raila
‘Hustlers’ who were paid to heckle Raila at Burma market charged

By | 3 days ago

Prosecution says that the youths were in a larger group of about 150 others who were paid to heckle ODM leader Raila at Burma market....

Businessman explains to court how his business partner lost Sh180m at Ruto office

By | 4 days ago

Charles Kamolo Musinga testifies in court how fraudsters tricked them into financing a fake laptop tender at Ruto's office....

Geoffrey Nyembere
Woman who doused ‘husband’ with acid after he caught her with another man tells court she couldn’t stand his huge manhood

By | 5 days ago

Lucy Njeri tells magistrate that her estranged husband whom she doused with acid refused to accept rejection....

Tom Mboya
Man who shot Ranalo K’osewe Foods owner 6 times in love triangle bust-up jailed for a day for contempt

By | 1 week ago

Tom Oywa Mboya was put on his defense after the court found that he had a case to answer in the attempted murder charge....

Anne Kananu Mwenda
Activist wants JSC to fire judge for declining to block Anne Kananu vetting

By | 1 week ago

Activist Henry Shitanda wants the JSC to institute the removal of Justice Anthony Mrima for refusing to block Kananu vetting....

Wycliffe Orinda
VIDEO: Tout admits in court he smokes bhang, imbibes Blue Ice vodka so older women can look attractive

By | 2 weeks ago

Wycliffe Orinda tells court that had he not imbibed Blue Ice vodka, he would not have met his wife whom he said is much older than him....

Rotich and Thugge
Ex-PS Kamau Thugge to testify against his boss in Kimwarer, Arror dams case

By | 2 weeks ago

DPP, through Alexander Muteti, asked the court to discharge PS Kamau Thugge from the Kimwarer and Arror dams case....

Policeman who shot civilian friend 10 times claims he was aiming at suspicious woman he thought was a terrorist

By | 3 weeks ago

Policeman's lawyer, Danstan Omari, says he will seek a plea bargain to have his client plead to a manslaughter charge....

Joseph Ndunda Awich is accused of obtaining Ksh600,000 from Deely Capital Limited by false pretense. [PHOTO: SHEILA MUTUA | K24 DIGITAL]
City businessman charged with obtaining Ksh600,000 by false pretense

By | 1 month ago

Joseph Ndunda Awich first received Ksh400,000 from Deely Limited on September 13, 2019. ...

Humphrey Kariuki - City Businessman
DPP appeals against Humphrey Kariuki acquittal in tax evasion case

By | 1 month ago

DPP says magistrate misdirected himself in matters of law by acquitting the suspects whilst his office still had a witness ready to testify....

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