A w***n’s wish list before settling down

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On Mon, 18 Apr, 2022 15:18 | 3 mins read
Exchanging marriage vows. PHOTO/Burst

Settling down with the perfect man has always been the ideal dream for most women. Before a lady is truly ready to meet the ideal man, there are some things she needs to accomplish, and every woman fully plans on doing just that.

There are so many things to do, so many places to see and every woman wants to do so many of those things before settling down and changing her lifestyle. For now, the most crucial thing is to think of herself and understand her wants and desires to the core.

As a woman in this stage, you have to focus on what makes you happy right now and not what more awaits in the future. Every woman would want the process of settling down with her perfect match to be seamless.

With that in mind, here are some key things you want to accomplish before settling down as a woman.

Stop comparing herself to everyone else

You will never say this out loud but you definitely underperform in some situations and compares yourself to the pretty girls out there. You know should stop but you can’t help it.

Every woman yearns that before meeting the perfect match, she can be at peace with herself.   A great lady wants to be able to love herself, knowing she is special and that comparisons are only a waste of time.

Once she learns to love herself the way she loves everybody else, she’ll be ready for the real love that awaits her.

Date as many people as possible

It’s part of human nature to want to experience love in all of its shapes and forms! A lady wants to love different people at different times, in order to see who she truly desires to be with.

Who would dare to marry the first person who gives her tingles? Can’t be me! It is more practical for her to experience different kinds of love, and only then will she be able to say she’s been through it all and be finally ready to find her true love.

Figure out what she wants in life

Before settling down, you might not know exactly what you want in life. A lady in this stage is interested in so many things and God knows what her future will look like! And this is why she’s not ready to settle down just yet.

As a lady who is yet to be bombarded with huge responsibilities, she needs to find time to explore her passions in order to figure out what makes her the happiest. Once this is accomplished, she will be ready to focus on her romantic life, knowing exactly what she wants and what she is willing to deliver.

Spend more time with herself

She wants to go on solo adventures, do a few things that make her sing with joy and not have to adjust to anyone’s needs! And guess what? That doesn’t make her selfish! It makes her awesome because she knows that sometimes you just have to put yourself first.

Just think about it, there will come a time when her entire life will be devoted to her new family (husband and kiddos!) and she will be fully committed to making them happy. But for now, she’s solo, and spending quality time by herself is needed.

She wants to make the most out of every moment because it’s all she has left before it all changes. And this is why she is putting her own needs first and enjoying her own company fully.

Live by her own rules

She wants to be the boss of her own life. She needs to be in charge of what she does and when she does it because she won’t always have that privilege. For a moment before she welcomes anyone into her world, she lives in the moment and uses every chance to do the things she loves and live her life.

At one point in her life, her parents dictated to her the life she would live, they have taught her a lot but right now, it’s her way or her way. And she loves it.

Focus on her closest friendships

As we all know, life doesn’t always give you time to do everything you want and to spend time with all the people you love. And this is why she wants to cherish the friendships that make it easier in her life.

Investing in good friendships goes a long way in nurturing our relationships, especially as adults. When she’s too busy having a husband and little ones, she might not have time to just drop everything and rush to her friends for a girly night and movies.

She has people she cherishes more than anything and she wants to focus on them. She’ll go out and make a lifetime of memories with her friends and not feel guilty about it.

Let’s agree that settling down with someone has its own fair share of pros and cons and it’s important that every party (man or woman) considers what they need to forego in order to make their relationship work. Some of the pointers above are just a few considerations ladies make that can be deal-breakers if not well handled before matrimony.

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