Willis Raburu gets candid about body shaming before undergoing weight loss surgery

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On Mon, 17 Jul, 2023 18:29 | 2 mins read
Willis Raburu gets candid about body shaming before undergoing weight loss surgery
Willis Raburu. PHOTO/Instagram(@willisraburu)

Media personality Willis Raburu has opened up about his battle with online body shamers before he underwent a weight loss surgery.

Speaking during an interview with Phil Director that aired on July 17, 2023, Raburu while disclosing that he is a victim of stress eating says he has faced cyber bullies for the longest part of his life and resorted to not reading comments for his mental health.

Willis Raburu shared;

"It was actually really stressing, hurting and disturbing. It got to me a lot of times. Sometimes you've just posted a picture, but the comments, what people are saying... And it's more of how they're saying it. They're very vulgar and ruthless. I remember one time it sounded funny, I laughed but then asked myself huyu ameniambia nini." 

He further recalled being mocked by a radio presenter whom he had to confront and demand an apology from.

"Sometimes it got to a point where I didn't read comments, There's a time a radio presenter dissed me on the comment. I told him dude we're supposed to be together and you know what you're doing is wrong. Then he said no no am just doing it for laughs. So I told him to do it the right way, go to a stage, get a microphone and make people laugh. Don't laugh and benefit off of somebody's pain," he said.

Willis Raburu says although the radio personality (whom he did not name) apologized, he did not delete the hateful comment and he had to do it.

"Of course, he apologised but he didn't take down the comment, am the one who had to go a day later and delete it because he was enjoying the moment," he said.

Willis Raburu. 
Willis Raburu.

William Raburu weight loss surgery

Willis Raburu went on to explain that, like so many others, he had some hard moments during the isolation phase of the pandemic that saw him add a huge chunk of weight.

He said he was forced to undergo weight loss surgery for the sake of his health since going to the gym did not work out for him.

The gastric bypass surgery which cost him between Ksh600K and Ksh 900K he said was necessary to redefine himself.

"I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect watu wanaenda gym. Gym ni kazi, nilikua na good trainers but nilikua na loss weight but inarudi. (Although I had a good gym trainer, I would lose weight and then regain it.

"By the time I was going for the surgery, I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high," he added.

He says the gastric bypass surgery has helped him cut his intake of food which will gradually help him shed more weight.

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