Wi*lis Raburu reveals reason behind Ksh 900K weight loss surgery

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On Tue, 23 Aug, 2022 21:19 | < 1 min read
Willis Raburu PHOTO/Instagram
Willis Raburu PHOTO/Instagram

Media personality Willis Raburu has revealed he was forced to undergo weight loss surgery for the sake of his health.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, the 35-year-old says he underwent gastric bypass surgery which cost him between Ksh600K and Ksh 900K.

He says he opted for the surgery since going to the gym did not work out for him.

"I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect watu wanaenda gym. Gym ni kazi, nilikua na good trainers but nilikua na loss weight but inarudi.

(Although I had a good gym trainer, I would lose weight and then regain it.

"By the time I was going for the surgery I was not doing well. I was 164kgs I needed the surgery because my blood pressure and cholesterol were high," he added.

He says the surgery has helped him cut his intake of food which will gradually help him shed more weight.

Media personality Willis Raburu. 
Media personality Willis Raburu.

What is gastric bypass surgery?

Gastric bypass is a weight-loss surgery that changes how your stomach and small intestines handle your food.

It is a surgical process used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach leaving out a much larger part.

The pouch is then connected to your small intestine, missing out (bypassing) the rest of the stomach.

This means it takes less food to make you feel full.