Muslim leaders demand MPs to throw out bread taxes in proposed 2024 finance law

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On Wed, 15 May, 2024 13:01 | 2 mins read
In a gazette notice dated, April 9, 2024, Kindiki said the holiday to mark Idd-ul-Fitr.
Muslims at a Mosque. PHOTO/DailySabah

A section of Muslim leaders has called on Members of Parliament (MP) to throw out the proposed taxes on bread and other commodities likely to burden Kenyans in the Finance Bill 2024.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the Islamic leaders highlighted that the proposed taxes would make life unbearable for Kenyans struggling to survive the lean times. They urged the MPs to deliver their mandated roles by speaking for the citizens.

According to the clerics, the proposed tax on bread will plunge citizens into a financial crisis and subsequently make them miserable.

"Wabunge wawajibike, wasome mswada vizuri, mapendekezo vizuri, wajaribu kuona ni namna gani watamsaidia mwananchi. Mzigo umekua mkubwa kwa mwananchi hasa katika pendekezo lililo pendekezwa kwa kua mkate utaongezwa kodi ya shilingi kumi na sita, ni kumaanisha mkate ule Wanjiku alikua akinunua shilingi sitini utakua sabini na sita ana nne. Hili ni kumwangamiza Wanjiku, hiki ni chakula cha chini sana ambacho kila mtu anatumia," one of the leaders said.

The leaders also urged the lawmakers to refrain from receiving bribes to pass the taxes and fulfil their promises of serving their constituents.

They, at the same time, appealed that the price of bread be reduced to help offload the tax burden on food commodities.

"Wanasiasa wetu wasiwalaghai kupitisha mswada, hawa hawa wabunge ndio ukumbuke tena wanataka siasa 2027 kwa hivyo yapaswa ambpatie good service mwananchi wa kawaida. Hio mkate badala ya kuongeza tunataka ipungunzwe, the only way ya kumsaidia mwananchi wa kawaida ni kumsaidia na chakula," the added.

Various leaders led by the opposition have come forth to condemn the government over the recently proposed taxes.

Earlier, Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino criticised the Kenya Kwanza regime over the decision saying President William Ruto was intentionally messing up the country.

The lawmaker additionally underscored that the proposed tax on bread was inconsiderate and uncalled for.

"The government is being unreasonable on the issues of the taxes, imposing 16 per cent tax on bread is a tax that was imposed 30 years ago, bringing this back is a complete disaster to Kenyans. If a Kenyan citizen cannot afford a simple thing as bread, then we are headed completely in the wrong direction and I can say that President Ruto is messing this country intentionally. It will reach a point where people will be tired. You cannot increase tax on bread, also, the 2.5 per cent tax on the motor vehicle is completely wrong and uncalled for," Babu said.

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