200 families displaced in Tana Delta due to floods receive aid

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On Wed, 15 May, 2024 16:39 | 2 mins read
Kenya Red Cross team helping flood victims in Tana Delta. PHOTO/@KenyaRedCross/X
Kenya Red Cross team helping flood victims in Tana Delta. PHOTO/@KenyaRedCross/X

200 families in Bulla Rahma and 80 families in Kijo Farm Village, Tana Delta Sub County have received aid after being displaced due to recent floods caused by flooding after Tana River burst its banks.

Kenya Red Cros said on Wednesday, May 15 that the communities found themselves isolated from the mainland, their residences submerged beneath the rising waters of the Tana River.

The humanitarian authority said they used boats to reach the flood victims and provide essential basic items.

"Utilizing our boat, we reached 120 displaced families in Bulla Rahma and 80 families in Kijo Farm Village, Tana Delta Sub County, whose homes were submerged due to the recent overflow of the Tana River. Cut off from the mainland and without access to vital services, we provided essential food supplies to these families, who have since relocated to higher ground," the statement from Kenya Red Cross read.

Overflowing River Tana

After River Tana burst its banks homes have been submerged by the overflowing floodwaters, roads have been cut off making it harder for residents to flee to higher grounds.

Two weeks ago, severe flash floods caused a section of the road at Kona Punda to become impassable, compelling locals to resort to boats to reach Garissa town.

Inhabitants of Bulla Punda, Kamor, Sheikh, Vumbi, Windsor, and Bulla Nyuki had to relocate to higher ground as floodwaters engulfed their homes.

Addressing the media on April 27, Garissa Governor Nathif Jama criticized the National Government for what he perceived as neglect.

He emphasized the lack of a solution to the recurring issue of large dams overflowing into homesteads.

Jama advocated constructing additional dams to divert excess water, preventing its destructive overflow into communities and jeopardizing lives and livelihoods.

“This water can be diverted with the creation of more other dams where they can release to without haphazardly letting it come to destroy peoples lives and livelihood,” Jama said.

Boat capsizes

On April 28, a boat en route from Kona Punda to Mororo along the Garissa-Madogo road capsized.

The Commanding Officer of Madogo County Station, James Tendeti, said that the rescued individuals had been taken to Bura Tana Hospital in Tana River County for necessary medical attention. The boat was helping people cross from areas cut off by floods due to the ongoing heavy rains.

Updates from the Kenya Red Cross revealed that several areas were inaccessible and residents could only access Garissa Town via boats.

No severe floods

Earlier, the Kenya Meteorological Department assured that severe flooding wouldn't be a concern in the coming days. They noted that while rainfall persists in Western Kenya, parts of the Rift Valley, Central Kenya, and the coastal areas, it's not expected to reach flood levels since the peak rainy season was in April.

The department encouraged outdoor activities, suggesting that game parks should generally be accessible, signalling favourable weather conditions for those planning vacations.

Yesterday's forecast highlighted continued rainfall over the highlands East and West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley itself. However, parts of the Coast, Northeastern, and Northwestern Kenya are anticipated to experience high daytime temperatures exceeding 30°C. Conversely, some areas in the Central Highlands might witness low nighttime temperatures dropping below 10°C.

Looking ahead to Saturday, the weatherman predicted a notable decrease in rainfall across various regions, although intermittent showers are expected in Western Kenya, the Rift Valley, Central Kenya, and the Lake Victoria Basin. Sunny intervals are forecasted for most parts of the country.

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