Stivo Simple Boy warns man claiming he eloped with his girlfriend

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On Mon, 1 Aug, 2022 17:00 | 2 mins read
Stivo Simple Boy warns man claiming he eloped with his girlfriend
Jenny Wangui with Rapdon and Stivo Simple Boy. PHOTO/Courtesy.

An upcoming musician by the name Rapdon is accusing Stivo Simple Boy of eloping with his girlfriend Jenny Wangui only days after the rapper proposed.

Stivo went down on his knee and asked for Jenny's hand in marriage only a week ago in an elaborate ceremony that was covered by vloggers.

The Kibera rapper only unveiled Jenny publicly during their engagement. He had remained tight-lipped about his relationship after breaking up with Pritty Vishy.

Stivo Simple Boy 'snatched' Jenny from Rapdon

An upcoming rapper from Bungoma is accusing Stivo of eloping with his girlfriend. Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mercy Ahmed, Rapdon he dated Jenny for half a year before she eloped with Stivo.

“My name is Rapdon, I am an artist from Bungoma. I was dating this girl for 6 months until I came and found that she was trending on social media. I love her and I don’t want to lose her. I am depressed right now because she has already blocked me,” he said.

Adding that: "There are these videos we make for TikTok, tulikuwa tuna make na yeye. Tume make several. So I used to post. So all of a sudden, ika happen that aka get engaged na Stevo. But alnitoka, alinitoka kidogo."

The upcoming rapper further revealed that he only found that that Jenny had left him for Stivo when he saw the ‘Fresh Barida’ hitmaker proposing to her.

Vile watu waliona hiyo video ndiyo watu wakaanza kuniuliza- huyu si ni ule? Sijui nijibu ama nisijibu. Wacha yeye mwenyewe siku moja atajibu.”

Addressing the issue, Jenny denied claims of dating Radon saying that she doesn’t understand why he is claiming they were in a relationship.

"There are many people who have come out, others are posting videos, but the truth before God is Rapdon is like a brother to me we have been together for some time. He decided to post like that and I told him to pull them down. I don’t know why he decided to do that but we are human beings,” Jenny said in an interview with YouTube content creators.

On his side, Stivo Simple Boy warned Rapdon against causing violence because of the issue since Jenny had decided to love him.

“For me he should not trouble me because if the girl has decided to love me there is no need to have war because of love ,” the rapper said.

In another interview with a local publisher, Rapdon said that Stivo eloped with Jenny after he visited them at his house.

"Stivo visited my place with a small group. I was very happy because I thought he had come to see me or maybe he had liked my work as a rapper. We had never met before so I thought he had seen my work. He came and we talk before he left. I don't know how he located my place," Rapdon said.

Rapdon further revealed that Jenny had left his house three days before Stivo proposed to her, saying that she was going to visit her sister.