Stevo Simple Boy’s girlfriend tattoos Samidoh’s name on her arm

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On Wed, 20 Sep, 2023 17:06 | < 1 min read
Wanja Kahii with Samidoh and Stevo Simple Boy. PHOTOS/Screengrab.

Wanja Kihii has been warming up to Samidoh just weeks after Stevo Simple Boy introduced her as his girlfriend.

Kahii on September 15, 2023, dropped a Mugithi song 'Wenda wa Samido' (Samidoh's love) to declare her undying love for Karen Nyamu's sweetheart.

Days after dropping the song, Kahii was seen rubbing shoulders with Samidoh in a video she posted on her TikTok account.

The upcoming musician in the same video also showed off her tattoo of Samidoh's name which she got after their meeting.

"Finally, Samido alilipa ngoma, I got his tattoo," Kahii wrote.

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Kahii, Simple Boy

Stevo Simple Boy in late August 2023 introduced Wanja Kihii as his new girlfriend after 'Kaveve Kazoze' hit maker Ngesh declined his romantic advances.

The Kibera-raised rapper and Kahii pulled a Romeo and Juliet before the camera as they showed the world how deeply in love they were.

Kahii even referred to Stevo as the 'love of her life' in an interview with Mungai Eve TV and boldly expressed her yearning to settle down in marriage with the rapper.

"Alikataa mali safi, shauri yake. Sasa hii ni mali yangu. I am Stevo's only wife, there is no one else," Wanja Kahii said while mocking Ngesh for turning down Stevo's romantic advances.

She further dismissed allegations that their relationship was all for social media likes and views and emphasized that their feelings were genuine.

However, Stevo's ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy was quick to dismiss the rapper and his girlfriend Wanja Kihii, claiming the duo was only chasing clout.