Shakilla claims she didn’t enjoy s3x with model after he exposed her for seducing him

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On Thu, 30 Mar, 2023 10:54 | 2 mins read
Shakilla claims she didn't enjoy s3x with model after he exposed her for seducing him
Shakilla and Calisah. Photos/Instagram (@calisah, @i.am_shakilla)

Kenyan socialite Shakilla was exposed by Tanzanian model Calisah who shared screenshots of her messages to him.

The whole drama started after Shakilla took to Instagram and claimed that she charges $50/Ksh6,612 to reply to messages on her Instagram account.

"Dms now answered at a low charge of $50. Thank you!!!" Shakilla wrote.

Shakilla's post went viral as Tanzanian blogs reported about her demand of Ksh6,612 to reply to direct messages (DMs).

Calisah was amused by Shakilla's claim and went on to expose how the Kenyan socialite was desperately sending him DMs.

In one of her DMs to Calisah, Shakilla told him how she pleasures herself in the bathroom after looking at his photos.

The Kenyan socialite further asked Calisah to discuss 'sperm donation' with her in an audio she sent the Tanzanian model.

Calisah mocked Shakilla after sharing the screenshots, saying, "hawa Ndo Maslay Quen wanaosema wanataka walipwe kujibu Dm..?"

The Tanzanian model added that he had received DMs from more than 23 female Kenyan celebs.

"Anyways, Nina Mastar wenu zaidi ya 23 in my Dm na Bado sina time.I don’t think kuna mtu ana Dm nyingi za wanawake zaidi Yangu East Africa, I have been that Guy my whole life," he wrote.

Calisah further said that henceforth he too would also be charging $150/Ksh19,837 to replay to DMs from women.

"Na mimi kuanzia leo nachaji 150$ kufungua DM za madem. Nimechoka," he wrote.

Responding to Calisah, Shakilla claimed to have slept with the Tanzanian model but stressed that she did not enjoy the experience one bit.

The Kenyan socialite alleged that the Tanzanian model is not 'well endowed' and as such, she didn't feel a thing when they slept together.

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