Nicholas Kioko comes clean about receiving money to tarnish KRG’s image

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 1 Jul, 2023 13:17 | < 1 min read
Content creator Nicholas Kioko. PHOTO/Instagram
Content creator Nicholas Kioko. PHOTO (@Nicholaskioko)/Instagram.

Nicholas Kioko insists he has never worked with any of KRG's baby mamas to tarnish the artiste's image.

The YouTuber opened up during a recent interview with SPM Buzz where he shared receipts explaining his first encounter with KRG's alleged baby mama, Wanjiku Susan.

This is following claims that he received money to help paint KRG as Kenya's 'Father Abraham', allegations he now strongly denies.

"Angenipea pesa ningekuwa saa hii na drive Landcruiser V8," Kioko said.

Addressing this for the first time, Kioko provided receipts showing his first message to KRG's alleged baby mama Wanjiku.

He claimed to have reached out following a comment Wanjiku wrote to KRG regarding their alleged daughter.

KRG storms out of meeting with his alleged baby mama as their argument turns chaotic
KRG and his alleged baby mama Susan Kinyanjui . Photo/Screengrab.

"Father Abraham, Diamond wa Kenya katoe mtoto wako Ghetto. Pia sisi kama wakenya tunajifanyanga hatujui ukona mtoi ako form 4, Ati uko 31," Susan wrote and tagged KRG.

As a journalist, Kioko then followed up for an exclusive interview with Wanjiku.

The revelations come at a time when KRG and the YouTuber no longer see eye to eye.

KRG accused Kioko of receiving money from Wanjiku Susan and in return gave her a platform to tarnish his name.

Despite the pull and push between Wanjku and KRG, reports indicate the dancehall artiste already took responsibility by paying the campus fee for his alleged daughter.