Diana Marua slams her exes, recalls how she suffered while dating different men

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On Sat, 1 Jul, 2023 13:55 | 2 mins read
Diana Marua trolled over old video of her confessing she dated men for money
Diana Marua. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Diana Marua hit out at her ex-boyfriends while recalling the ill treatments she endured at their hands.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Bahati's wife taunted her exes as she bragged about her current success in life.

Without mentioning their names, Diana recalled how some of the men she dated mistreated her. She told them off saying they should check out her mansion and the cars she now drives.

"Wale machali walinimistreat tukidate, ehh ule chali alikujanga kuniambia 'mhh hujuangi kupika go and get yourself some cooking lessons' and all that, ule chali alinitesa, ule chali mwenye siku moja tulikasirikiana akienda job akanidrop mahali nikafungua gari kushuka and he drove off kama sijashuka gari nikaanguka hapo chini… Mhh, see my God ohh. Look at the mansion, look at my life, look at the cars I am driving. I am not flossing or anything, it's God's time. Nimesuffer huko nyuma," Diana recalled.

The mother of three additionally wondered how she was so foolish to pay rent for an ex who mistreated and battered her.

"Mimi nilikua na chali nalia ananipea depression ananifukuza. Yani sikuli silali nalia a whole one week. Alafu anakuja ananiambia 'ohh I am sorry. Ohh please come back home'. Mi nasema 'I love you too'. Na ujue pengine ata alinichapa. Naenda. Nikisharudi, it was because of the money, nikisharudi two, three days ananiambia 'babe sasa hatujalipa rent doh yangu imechelewa'. Na mi naingia kwa mfuko nalipa rent. Siku mbili, tatu haziishi madharau tena," Diana said.

She added that her husband Bahati is the Prince Charming she asked God for.

"Mi nimepitia that's why when I am with Baha if feel like ohh my God. Like ata siamini."

Dated men galore

Diana Marua was in November 2022 trolled after an old video of her narrating how she used to sleep with men for money resurfaced online.

The video of Diana confessing how she dated a plethora of men was first uploaded on her YouTube channel on October 26, 2020.

In the video, Diana Marua narrated how she used to have flings with men galore explaining how each man played a specific role in her life like one was for paying her rent, another catered for her house shopping etc.

"I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked. I lacked the whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life, all I wanted was to live well. And I dated guys for money. I had people who used to give me… I dated someone who used to pay my rentnlikua na mtu wa kunifanyia shopping ya nyumba, nlikua na mtu wa kunibuia manguo, nlikua na mtu wa kunipeleka… unajua I used to date… Let me tell you, in my early 20s money for me was never a problem," Diana Marua narrated.

Diana also confessed that she used to be a side chick to a married man whom she genuinely loved. She said the man gave her everything she wanted but he warned her that he would never leave his wife to be with her.

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