‘Nitafanya mass DNA,’ KRG responds to new alleged baby mama

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On Mon, 19 Jun, 2023 11:01 | 3 mins read
Dancehall artiste KRG The Don. PHOTO/(@krgthedon) Instagram
Dancehall artiste KRG The Don. PHOTO/(@krgthedon) Instagram

Following a recent interview by YouTuber Vincent Mboya with a woman by the name Skyla, dancehall star KRG The Don has come forward to refute the woman's claims that he sired her 9-month-old baby girl.

Speaking to Mboya, KRG has decried that he doesn't have any connection with the woman and her story is not adding up.

"Wewe ulipata aje access kwa club na sikua nimefungua club iyo time?" KRG questioned the woman via phone.

"Club nimefungua December tarehe tatu, ulipata aje access hadi ukafanya bash?" KRG questioned.

"I'm not crazy, tulikutana uko, na mtoto ni prove moja ya iyo siku, I'm not crazy!" The woman said.

Unable to give the correct account of events that went down on the said date, KRG went ahead to ask the woman to give Mpesa statement if indeed he was sending money.

The young mother claimed that she had changed her contact and that she currently has a new phone.

The dancehall star further asked her to give the number she was using to call him considering the fact he uses iPhone and he must have her old contact on his phone.

He also joked that he knew her baby daddy, where she lives and her family members.

Still unable to prove her claims, KRG told the woman that her allegations were hurting him.

Skyla on the other hand insisted that she was not lying and that she is ready for a paternity test. She also stated that she is not chasing clout and that she was only fighting for the rights of her child.

"Nitafanya mass DNA kwa kila mtu anasema mimi ni baba yake," KRG noted.

KRG has also warned people trying to chase clout using his name, he said that he has spent money and time to build his brand.

"Stop chasing clout using my name, brand yangu imenichukua muda na pesa kuitengeneza, kuna njia mingi za kupata kiki," he said.

Met in November

Skyla claimed that she met KRG at his Kasavera club in November 2021 where they partied and ended up in an Airbnb in Roysambu.

After 30 minutes of passion, the two went separate ways with a promise of getting in touch to continue with their connection.

KRG alleged baby mama and YouTuber Vincent Mboya. PHOTO/(@Vincent Mboya) YouTube screengrab
KRG alleged baby mama and YouTuber Vincent Mboya. PHOTO/(@Vincent Mboya) YouTube screengrab

The woman revealed that she found out she was pregnant in January 2022 and called KRG The Don to inform him of her status.

"Nilimpigia simu, I told him niko na ball and he promised to take responsibility but he asked me to lay low," she said.

Following that call, their communication became sporadic.

She further claimed that while KRG did pay for the clinic expenses, he went silent after the baby was born. It has now been nine months since the birth, and KRG has not reached out to her since.

The woman accuses KRG of being a deadbeat father and implores him to take full responsibility for their child.

KRG father of nations?

" Let the children come to me, kweli I was just kidding but things are now boiling on my end," he wrote.

KRG The Don has recently been facing paternity claims left right and centre with women claiming that he sired their children.

A recent one was a teenage boy who claimed KRG abandoned his mother and that he was ready to do the DNA to prove that he ( KRG) was indeed his father.

A claim that sent KRG ranting online and warning all that came claiming that he was their father.

"Hii tabia watu wameanza kukua nayo ya kusema I’m their Biological father should stop now coz you are hurting my feelings🥹 mimi sio baba yenu bwana!!! I have only sired 4 Boys that I love with all my heart and support their livelihood 100%," KRG wrote.

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