‘Mimi sijamkataa’ – Ngesh softens her stance on Stevo Simple Boy’s romantic advances

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On Thu, 17 Aug, 2023 08:44 | 2 mins read
'Mimi sijamkataa' - Ngesh softens her stance on Stevo Simple Boy's romantic advances
Stevo Simple Boy and Ngesh. PHOTO/Courtesy

Rapper Ngesh is slowly going soft on Stevo Simple Boy after initially stopping him dead in his tracks when he launched his romantic bid for her.

The 'Kaveve Kazoze' hitmaker, who explicitly stated she was not interested in Simple Boy at all, now says that she has not rejected the rapper's romantic advances.

Ngesh suggested that she could have fallen for Simple Boy were it not for his wife.

"Ok Simple Boy. Mi sijakataa Simple Boy lakini atulie tu na bibi yake manze," Ngesh said in a video where she was seen chilling with Manzi wa Kibera.

Change of heart

Ngesh's latest comment about Stevo Simple Boy's romantic move is in stark contrast to her earlier statement where she expressed zero interest in her suitor.

Speaking during an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM, Ngesh stressed that she had zero interest in Simple Boy.

"Sasa wewe unamtaka Stevo Simple Boy?" Ankali Ray asked Ngesh while referring to the clip where the rapper declared her undying love for her.

"Mi namtaka aje aii? How? Nakuambia ata video sijaona," Ngesh replied.

"Ndo nakuambia yeye amesema anakutaka lakini," Ankali added.

"Achana na yeye," Ngesh responded.


Stevo Simple Boy reiterated his undying crush on Ngesh while speaking during a recent interview with vloggers.

"Ngesh ni mschana mrembo mtu ameumbika. Akuje kwangu ili tuongee tuone kama tunaweza mingle," he said.

He further warned Ngesh that some men were only interested in her because of her newfound fame.

"Sahi kuna wanaume wengi wanamtaka lakini kuna wale pia wanakuja kudandia umaarufu wake kisha wamuachilie," he said.

Asked why he was smitten with Ngesh when he is already a married man, Simple Boy said that his wife 'understands' him.

"Mke wangu ako sawa. Mke wangu pia ananielewa," he said.

"Lazima uangalie kivutio, kuchovyachovya," he added.

"Hivi Stevo ungependa kuoa zaidi ya mke mmoja? (So Stevo you like to marry more than one wife?)" He was asked.

Stevo explained he wanted to be polygamous because there are more women than men as per the country's demographics.

"Unajua sahi kuna waschana wengi lakini wanaume ni wachache," he said.

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