‘I am tired of living a lie, my baby daddy is Kalonzo Musyoka’s brother’ – Justina Syokau

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On Thu, 27 Jul, 2023 14:05 | 3 mins read
Justina Syokau breaks down in tears after being trolled over 'kupanuliwa' lyrics
Justina Syokau weeps. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Gospel musician Justina Syokau has finally decided to unmask her baby daddy after hiding his identity ever since she became famous.

The controversial singer had in the past revealed that she got married in 2012 and divorced her baby daddy in 2013, citing infidelity among others as the reason why her marriage crumbled.

Syokau also claimed she had not engaged in sexual relations since separating from her husband.

The mother of one has since decided to unveil her mystery ex-husband.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Syokau lamented that she was tired of living a lie and went on to reveal that her baby daddy and ex-husband is one Johnstone Vundi Musyoka - a brother to Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

"😭😭😭 my worst day in my life 😭😭 Am tired of faking am not ok. My x name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka Brother to kalonzo Musyoka," Syokau said.

She added that Kalonzo's brother married her in June 2012 and chased her away together with her son Nixon Musyoka Vundi in August 2023.

"He married me 2012 June chased me 2013 August Together we got a son by the name NIXON MUSYOKA VUNDI. He chased me out of our matrimonial home," she wrote.

Syokau said trouble in her marriage started when she gave birth to her son, revealing that her mother-in-law insisted that her husband would never take care of her baby and started mistreating her while insisting that she should leave.

"Immediately I got birth to our son. His mother says his son will never be taken care by my x. Mother to my husband his name is MULLY. This woman mistreated me threatened me to leave his son," Syokau wrote.

"My x works in foreign affairs ministry Prison industrial area he is an officer of the lord. He chased me he kept threatening to kill. That pushed me to go court. He was summoned by court not kill me. That time he agreed to pay up keep of 3500. Then court ordered him to pay 8k per month. I went to court again because Stopped sending money for his son. And that time my son had started schooling. He said he cannot pay school fees for his child. Mtoto wangu apelekwe govt sch. That is what he said. Upkeep upgrade he refused. He said he can only Raise 4500. Which court ordered him to pay 7k per month. He paid 7k For 4 months and he stopped Since then have never gone to court. I just got tired of reminding him about paying upkeep for his child," she added.

The gospel singer further claimed that her ex-husband has been funding people on social media to abuse her.

"He has been funding people to abuse me in social media. I have gone through alot because of him. Have servered alot with my kid. Am sorry to Kenyan who feel am doing bad to post this but My son birthday it's 4th of August. My son don't know if he have a father. While his father his so much alive 😭😭 Have been trashed in social media alot. While am seeking upkeep for my kid My son have never asked me about his father because he doesn't know his father."

Physical abuse

Justina Syokau said that she separated with her ex-husband because he used to batter her and also subjected her to emotional and psychological torture.

"We separated because he was beating me He used not to support me He humiliated me alot I got depressed in my own house I could not come out because people knew us I could not even tell people what went wrong I kept quiet Until the I shared my story with Lynn ngungi Tuko talks That day i opened up Spoke what happened .

"Have never spoken about his name, any were This man he removed his son from NIHF card stopped paying monthly support I have never reached him out because I fear him killing me."

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