Singer Justina Syokau says she’s been celibate since breakup with husband in 2013

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On Fri, 7 Oct, 2022 11:05 | 2 mins read
Syokau Justina
Gospel singer Justina Syokau PHOTO/@justinasyokau2022/Instagram

Controversial gospel musician Justina Syokau has revealed that she has not engaged in sexual relations since separating from her husband.

The singer and her ex-husband got married in 2012 and divorced in 2013 with the singer citing infidelity among other reasons.

Celibate for nine years

In an interview with comedian Consumator, Syokau said she has never been with a man since her failed marriage.

The gospel singer noted after the experience, she decided to take care of her son and keep away feom sexual activities.

“Being single is enjoyable because you're free, and it's almost nine years since I walked out of my marriage

“I left my marriage with a child and decided to be celibate because i didn't want to get into temptation again and I have whom I need to take care of his responsibilities,” Syokau said.

Syokau maintained that it was much better to celibate that getting into temptation.

“It's better to be on a dry spell than get yourself into temptation. Get a child with a man who would leave you to raise it along,” she added.

Gospel singer Justina Syokau PHOTO/@justinasyokau2022/Instagram

Justina Syokau vs Aoko Otieno

Elsewhere, Syokau and controversial writer Maveric Aoko recently engaged in a heated confrontation after they differed in opinion.

The two differed when Syokau noted that she was looking for a rich suitor who is in a position to spoil her with expensive gifts in her submission.

As if that was not enough, Justina urged woman not to date men who are broke and have nothing to offer except love.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Aoko told off Justina over her remarks, noting that she was misleading young women with her statement.

“You are misleading women. They say misery loves company, you want us to get to your age without a man. It is so unfortunate of someone who claims to be a Christian like yourself. If we go by these standards she has stated then we will keep on saying this will be my year without any result

“There are plenty of good men but only if we get sober as women and ask ourselves the qualities of a good man without dragging material things into it,” Aoko explained.

Justina Syokau
Justina Syokau PHOTO/@justinasyokau2022/Instagram

Justina Syokau on twerking

As earlier reported, the singer defended herself over her dancing style which her fans have described as secular.

In January, Syokau who came to the limelight following the release of her song 2020, said she does not twerk when dancing in praise of the Lord.

"I do not twerk. When twerking, people do it with a hype. When twerking, most people do it while putting on a dera, and then it is loose, but mine is tight, even if I shake, it does not move," she said.

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