Michelle Ntalami: I’m now open to dating men

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On Thu, 27 Jan, 2022 16:32 | < 1 min read
Michelle Ntalami
Michelle Ntalami. PHOTO/Courtesy

Businesswoman Michelle Ntalami has opened up about her love life ever since she broke up with her long term lover and TV personality Makena Njeri.

In an online conversation with her fans, Ntalami opened up about how she is currently feeling after the much-publicised break-up.

Asked by a follower if she had moved on and healed from the breakup, the entrepreneur said that though she had moved on, she is yet to heal from it.

"Healing? Not yet, it's a journey. But moved on, yes," she said adding: "Moving on is a subjective phrase to a lot of people. For me it means I'm in a better place mentally and emotionally, I've taken steps."

Though she is always perceived to be a member of the LGBTQ community, the Marini boss said that she is open to dating a man if she is to start another relationship. She said that she is attracted to masculine energy.

"Will you date a man by any chance?" a follower asked. She replied: "Haha... it's the 'by any chance for me.' Absolutely yes."

"I like men, masculinity, masculine or 'masc' energy," she added.

Asked about her sexual orientation, Michelle now says she is neither gay, bisexual, nor straight. She said that she is an androsexual, a person who is strictly attracted to men or masculine energy.