‘Marriage is a scam’ – DJ Creme De La Creme cryptic message on marriage causes stir

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On Thu, 29 Jul, 2021 11:59 | 2 mins read

Popular deejay George Njuguna, alias Creme De La Creme on Wednesday evening, July 29 caused uncertainty after sharing a cryptic message on social media.

Through his Instagram page, the deejay shared the message that could mean his marriage might be on the rocks.

"Marriage is a scam. Don't let anyone lie to you," he wrote on his Insta Story.

He later made a post and shared his photo noting that he will be alright.

"Imma be alright," he captioned the photo.

This came three months after Creme proposed to his long-time girlfriend and mother of his kids, Denise after 14 years of being together.

Through his Instagram page, the deejay shared a photo of Denise's hand with a ring on it, noting that he has put her through a lot but he wants to love her forever.

"It took me 14 years. 14 long years to ask my best friend, my confidant, mother to my kids, my forever person to marry me? I know I've stressed you out so many times, but my heart and all I got belongs to you. I wanna love you forever," wrote the deejay.

In 2018, the Coue went through a hard time after Denise miscarried a six-month-old pregnancy after an emergency rush to the hospital.

According to Creme who was in Qatar at the time, the doctors could not feel the unborn baby’s heartbeat and so a procedure to evacuate the uterus was scheduled.

"With a few hours to my gig, we spent most of the time on video calls and I swear, Denise is the strongest woman I know telling me that she’ll be alright and that she could handle it and I should keep my head up and grind. The procedure to remove the baby was slotted for midnight, the same time I was getting on stage in Qatar. Not sure how I made it through the gig but God’s grace and Peace steered me through," he said.

Adding; "I didn’t get to see our daughter, whom Denise says looked so beautiful and peaceful. She managed to trace her handprints on a piece of paper..the only thing we’d keep with us in memory of a beautiful soul whom we never got to know but who made us smile every time she kicked. It still breaks our hearts every time Jamari and our daughter Zawadi ask where the baby went."

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